Saint- Germain- des -Pres

On my last visit to Paris I met a friend for lunch in St.- Germain- des -Pres.  I had some time to kill before she arrived, so I wandered around taking pictures.  I made a special effort to see the neighborhood through the eyes of a tourist, and to notice the beauty that sometimes fades to the background when I see it every day.


I love the little sign on the top left, advertising that this modern hotel had the convenience of gas on every floor!




If you think this bakery is cute, check out their delivery bike!






Mark and I  ate at this restaurant, Fish La Boissonnerie, on the trendy Rue de Seine, and loved it.  Check it out if you are in the hood.



Such a fun morning in one of my very favorite neighborhoods in Paris.

My friend and I decided we would lunch at the Cafe de Flore.  Because we could.  And we did.



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9 responses to “Saint- Germain- des -Pres

  1. Martha Wood

    Oh, the Cafe de Flore! I just returned last week from a brief trip to Paris and am already longing to go back. Saw someone I *think* was Salman Rushdie sign napkins at Cafe de Flore…I’m enjoying your posts!

  2. Normajean Longfield

    I am so jealous! Normajean Sarle Longfield…

  3. Julie

    I’m pretty sure Caroline and i got macaroons at the shop in the photo labeled France Monaparte?(I think) I think that was it. In any case it was fabulous.

  4. Garlanda

    Thank you……

  5. Can’t wait to check it out in July. Waiting on response on the apt rec. Will keep u posted

  6. Margaret

    So much style and beauty in Paris! Even a scooter transporting baked goods is decorated with elan! Miss that city and Europe in general! Love the pictures, Kate! You’ve got a good eye for wonderful little details.

  7. Jan

    Ahhh… so beautiful. Thanks for sharing all your pictures!

  8. Terry

    Love your blog! If you liked Fish, you might want to try their new restaurant just across the street; I think it is called Semilla.

  9. Yes, but when are you coming back?

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