My Baby Is Graduating!


This is my third, my youngest, my sweet pea, my baby.  She was almost one on this Easter morning, and did she rock the Easter hat or what?

Tomorrow she graduates from high school. She is threatening to leave me in the fall and go to the University of Texas, but I am still hoping she is just teasing me, and that she will stay with me forever, as I always thought she would.  But if she does go off to that big orange tower in Austin, and becomes a crazy amazing nurse, I will be assured of receiving wonderful care in my dotage.  So maybe she should go, after all.  I will be bopping back and forth between Texas and Paris, so I probably won’t even miss her.  Or her radiant smile.  Or her bubbling personality.  Nope.  The Empty Nest will not be so bad.  I am looking forward to devoting  a lot more time to my day drinking and Twitter.  And blogging, of course.

So off with you, my dear one.  Keep Austin weird and make people laugh and learn how to be a nurse.  And be sure to send me lots of selfies and texts telling me how much you miss me.  And follow me on Twitter.

Martha Mai


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19 responses to “My Baby Is Graduating!

  1. Dolly

    She’s gorgeous, Kate! Check your messages on Facebook. I don’t have your phone number or e-mail addy.


  2. Hannah Lowe Goddard

    She is beautiful like her Mama! It’s bittersweet when they find their wings and leave the nest! Congratulations…all will be well!

  3. Mary Laurie

    Love that girl and love you….I think you will be okay with three children out of the nest. And just in case you’re not…I have three I can send you’re way…lots of love to you dear friend, ML

  4. Natalie

    Gorgeous girl and beautiful post. So nice to have more than one nest so you aren’t actually sure if yours is empty. 🙂

  5. Your baby is so beautiful’ Isn’t it funny how you worry about when they should be weaned, then suddenly you wake up and they are climbing some stairs accepting diploma.

    Good karma to her.

    Love Denise

  6. Mark Pack

    She is absolutely beautiful just as you. She will make the finest of nurses. Enjoy Paris and your drinking. If you get bored I can always travel to Paris to see you without the guys.

    Mark from London via Houston

  7. Julie

    Beautiful pics!!! That Easter dress is so sweet!!!

  8. Cyndy (Goodrich) Smith

    Kate, she is lovely. We will take good care of her here in Austin. My oldest baby is graduating and off to Bucknell. I will miss him…. Cyndy

  9. martyorozco

    Who could have imagined when you and I were doing our own walks across the stage to pomp and circumstance that you would one day watch your own do that walk. She’s beautiful and I’ve no doubt as charming and lovely as you and her wonderful Dad. Congratulations, Kate. You are clearly good at this parenting thing.

  10. Margaret

    Gorgeous daughter you have, Kate! I’m hoping there’s a medical career in line for my little guy (all 7 tears of him) in the future too as I’m going to need a good doctor by the time he finishes his studies : )

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