Two Ladies At A Bus Stop

IMG_3465Earlier this week I was waiting for the 52 bus at what must be one of the most beautiful bus stops ever.  It is at the very end of Avenue Victor Hugo, where it connects to the way- crazy traffic circle around the Arc de Triomphe.  I love the 52.  I catch it from my front door and ride it to the big American-style grocery store I use occasionally.  Which is what I had done on that day, so I was dragging my little red granny cart behind me, and it was pretty full.  On top were a baguette and a little white box holding 2 chocolate eclairs from a fancy-shmancy bakery at Place Victor Hugo.  I ended up walking all the way home, because each time I got to a bus stop for the 52, it was no where in sight, so I just kept going.  I didn’t feel like crossing all those street around the Arc, so I thought I would stop walking and wait for the bus at the aforementioned (and pictured) bus stop.  When I arrived there, I saw two older women sitting on the bench, both immaculately dressed and coiffed. As I stood there next to them, I couldn’t help but notice that they were in hysterics about something.  They would say a few words and then burst out laughing, as though sharing a bawdy joke that no one else heard.  They were fabulous.




I ultimately gave up on the bus and walked the rest of the way, thinking about these two women, and smiling.

Be happy, mes amis.  Life is good.


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8 responses to “Two Ladies At A Bus Stop

  1. Caren Upshaw

    Omg, that is wonderful! Congrats on your kappa daughter! Let me know if you need feet on the ground in Austin! (Cynthia’s sister)

  2. They were probably discussing their husbands’ habits. Love your blog! Found it via Susan Ashcroft (we were elementary school chums).

  3. Laura

    When you come back you can teach us all how to look elegant like that.
    Did they see you taking their picture?

  4. That is some serious Frenchy-chic-ness… And kudos to you for being sneaky and snapping a photo!

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