Rose Cherry Juice

As we were leaving a mosque one morning in Istanbul, I saw a man dressed in red at the end of the walkway.  He was dressed in a traditional Turkish outfit and was carrying a beautiful copper  vessel on his back.  The man was selling rose cherry juice, a popular drink in Turkey.





He was pleased so show us how he poured the juice by tipping over and allowing the  juice to flow through his spout.  You have to look carefully to see the stream of juice flowing just over his left arm.





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4 responses to “Rose Cherry Juice

  1. Very clever. Loving your Istanbul posts. I visited Turkey about 5 years ago. Fascinating country. Love Denise

  2. Linda Mizell

    I, too, have been enjoying the posts re Istanbul! Visited about 10 years ago, and am glad to see it hasn’t changed much. 🙂

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