Le Marche de Belleville

Last fall I spent a little time exploring the part of Paris known as Belleville, sandwiched between the 10th, 11th, 19th, and 20th arrondissements.  Belleville has traditionally been a working class neighborhood, and is a melting pot of immigrants.  The energy level was significantly elevated from that of the refined, and much less colorful, 8th, where I live.  I loved browsing the Belleville market, which was a totally different shopping experience from the President Wilson market.  In addition to the fruits and vegetables, cheeses, meats, and fish that are sold at every market, the Belleville market included fabrics, lots of peppers (not hot enough for my taste, but still..), shoes, socks, head scarves, and various household items such as combs, cleaners, underwear, and toiletries.  It was kind of like a traditional French market meets Wal-Mart or the Dollar Store.  The Belleville market was also much noisier than what I was used to, as the vendors attempted to out-shout each other for the attention (and euros) of the shoppers.  It really felt like another world- a lively, multi-cultural, energizing, and curious world.IMG_2877















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4 responses to “Le Marche de Belleville

  1. cindy

    I LOVE these kind of markets! How fun.

  2. I imagine the produce isn’t pristinely stacked in pyramids like it is in the upscale markets, but all the good poking around makes up for it.

  3. My husband, Michael is a market connoisseur. He drags me around every market in Paris. This is one of his favourites along with Barbès-Rochechouart which is similar and Grenelle- Motte Piquet which is more upscale. I too love the colour and vibe of Belville.

    Love Denise

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