Pie Wrecks

Have you ever seen the hilarious blog called Cake Wrecks?  It features photos of  cakes-gone-bad, many of which were made by professionals who somehow got them very, very wrong.  I became familiar with Cake Wrecks when a wonderful little book by the same name arrived in the bookstore where I worked. I highly recommend it, and its sequel, for some good belly laughs.  Really- it’s crazy funny.

On Thanksgiving Day, as I was removing my lovely, deep dish, cranberry-apple pie from the oven, I had my own Pie Wreck.  I carefully placed my hot, bubbly pie on the counter, and within five seconds I heard a big thud.  Most of the sides and rim of my glass pie pan completely blew off.  Large pieces of glass surrounded the pan, and some tiny pieces flew off onto the floor.  I was so shocked, I stood there looking at it, slack-jawed.  What the heck had just happened?  Turns out, Google revealed that Pyrex has had many complaints about its newer products exploding like mine did, or even more violently.  One picture on the web showed a large, rectangular dish that exploded in the oven- a real hot mess. My pan was brand new. Somehow I’m not really inclined to go run out and replace it.

Look closely around the lower and left side rim.

Look closely around the lower and left side rim.

my poor bleeding pie

my poor bleeding pie

So- what did we do?  Well, I carefully threw away all the big chunks of glass that were lying around the pan.  I then left it on the counter, as I contemplated what the next move should be.  I knew I couldn’t take any of it to the large family gathering we were attending in a few hours.  Even I have my limits.  My own family, however, will be sharing the interior of the pie tonight.   I’m not too worried about it, because while the pie was sitting there on the counter, looking like a crime victim, Wonder Chien sampled one side of it, and he hasn’t yet shown any signs of internal bleeding.  So I’m pretty optimistic that we can safely eat the other half.  I bet we chew each bite pretty carefully, though.  There is also a good bit left of the pumpkin pie, which I quickly made to replace the cranberry apple debacle.  If anyone is too wimpy to risk chewing glass, he/she can opt for the safer pumpkin.

Has any of you ever experienced exploding Pyrex?  Or in my case, Pie Wrecks?  If so, did you eat it anyway?  Just kidding- I don’t really want to know about that.  I’m sure we’ll be fine.

I hope you all enjoy your leftover family and your leftover food.  If anyone wants to stop by Chez Mai, we got pie!


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6 responses to “Pie Wrecks

  1. My Pyrex measuring cup purchased in 2008 exploded in my kitchen cabinet in the texas hill country. Very strange since there was no thermal stress involved. Pyrex just ain’t the same after they changed the glass formula!

  2. So sorry to hear about your exploding Pyrex. My first (and last) experience with it was in 1981. Cooking a ham, it exploded in the oven so at least the mess was contained. (Yes, we did eat it). I got rid of all Pyrex at that point and only use Corning Ware.

    Happy day after Thanksgiving and blessings for a wonderful Christmas to you and yours. Thank you so much for giving all of us Paris.

  3. Laurie

    Cranberry Apple Pie! How delicious. Thanks for the Pyrex warning-maybe I’ll dig out one of my old metal pie pans for the next one. Kisses

  4. Julie

    OMG!! JUst now reading this. I’ve never baked a pie in a glass dish just the old fashioned metal ones and now I’m glad. WOW!!
    I’m sure our dog would have loved the pi anyway too

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