Giving Thanks

Bonjour mes amis, and Happy Thanksgiving!  Although there are many days that I miss Paris, Thanksgiving is not one of them.  Having spent my last two turkey days there (where my daughter did not have the day off school, there was no football on TV, and turkey, cranberries, pecans, and canned pumpkin were scarce commodities),  I am beyond thrilled to be in Texas for Thanksgiving this year.  We have even had a well-timed cold snap, lending the season an authenticity that is so often lacking in these parts.  I had forgotten how  much I enjoy the plethora of radio and newspaper stories about pie crust, lump-less gravy, and the never-ending variations of dressing and squash recipes.  Food, food, glorious food!  For a few short weeks I am surrounded by talk of food and how to prepare it, serve it, and eat it.  It has been heavenly.

My two daughters came home from college yesterday, completing our family of five and filling our little townhouse to capacity.  I think Sawyer the Wonder Chien is as happy as I am to have them all home.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the abundance in my life.  For family and friends, of course; for the joy I receive from good books; for my love of preparing food and feeding it to my family.  And, of course, for the amazing opportunity  to write a blog about my experiences in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Thank you all for reading it, and for celebrating my good fortune with me.  Sharing it with you all makes it even more amazing.

For Paris

For Paris



For Texas

For Texas


For food

For food

For my precious kids

For my precious kids


And most of all, for my husband, who heightens my joys, softens my sorrows, and makes my life more abundant each day.


I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving, wherever you may be celebrating it.

P.S.- Technical difficulties are preventing me from updating my “On Top Of My Nightstand”.  I am reading a great book called Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.


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9 responses to “Giving Thanks

  1. Enjoy the homegrown holiday and the homegrown kids. Sometimes Texas really does beat Paris.

  2. Martha Clay

    Love and Thanksgiving to you from Rancho Santa Fe! xoxo

  3. Laurie

    What a touching entry, Kate. We are so surrounded by goodness. Thank you for helping me to remember! See you in a few…hugs to all

  4. Julie

    Love this post. We are traveling this Thanksgiving. Think it’s my first time to not prepare and cook the special meal in about 15 plus years!! But I am baking 2 pies

  5. Cassandra

    I loved it, Kate. Happy day and enjoy your family!

  6. Lisa

    What a nice post! We are celebrating Thanksgiving with a day trip to Verona with both our kids and then tonight having an authentic (supposedly!) Thanksgiving meal in a local restaurant. Miss you!

  7. Randy Thornton

    Happy holidays Y’ALL! l loved your sweet comment about Mark!
    Hugs, Tracy

  8. Alison Lee

    Happy Thanksgiving, Kate-O! I too am blessed in so many ways, but this year there was the special treat of seeing your sister, her beautiful family, and visiting for a wonderful few minutes with your fabulous mother. She filled me in on your kids, Mark and your bi-continental life. xoxo

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