Being a southern girl, I was prepared to hate the cold, grey, damp winter in Paris.  In my anticipatory panic, I bought way too many coats before we moved there.  I hardly owned any cold weather wraps in Texas, and I was sure I would be woefully unprepared for the long, harsh Paris winter.  Much to my surprise, I loved the winter and a half I spent there.  The light is amazing, unimpeded by tree canopies, and I thoroughly enjoyed strolling around in the empty streets and parks, snapping pictures.  Plus, it really wasn’t all that cold most of the time.

Texas has experienced some real winter this year.  While the much-anticipated snow and ice didn’t ever materialize in Houston last week, the skies have been grey and the north wind has blown.  My mom finally broke down and ordered her first new coat in 15 years.  I brought back a few from Paris when I was there after Christmas, and have been happy to have them.

Today I am snuggled in front of a fire at our lake house in Austin.  Mark has headed back to Houston, but Wonder Chien and I have opted to spend one more day and night here in the quiet neighborhood of our house without a lake.

IMG_0885Nothing is blooming, but the flash of cardinals and goldfinches provide color to those who look for it.  Is there anything more stunning than a lone cardinal in a bare tree?

The day that Martha and I went to the Marais turned cold and windy.  I wanted to walk home and take pictures, but soon after Martha peeled off toward the metro on her own, I realized that I had the only apartment keys in my purse.  My walk was cut short as I headed to the nearest metro so she wouldn’t be stuck outside in the cold. Because that’s the kind of mom I am.  But here are a few photographs I got before I was forced underground.









If you ever get the chance to go to Paris in winter, don’t be deterred by the weather.  It’s wonderful.

Stay warm, mes amis!


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6 responses to “Winter

  1. Rita Hendrix

    I agree! Fabulous photos!! Merci


  2. I keep hoping to find a “last-minute-fly-to-Paris-during-the-winter” deal. And I swear, one day I’ll buy it!

  3. martyorozco

    I may have already asked and you may have already answered…what are you using to take all of the wonderful photos you post? iPhone? Real camera? What kind? I’m thinking of picking up my real camera again for play and just curious what you are using.

    • Marty, most of my pics are with my iPhone, but if I set out on a venture to take pics, I use my Canon point and shoot, which I love. It was probably around $300 and takes great pics.

  4. I’m a Texan in Paris myself, and it seems fortunes have flipped this year from last year – Texas is getting the cold Parisian winter I’ve been waiting for! But you’re right, one should never miss the chance to see Paris in the winter. It’s never too cold to see the beauty here. Thanks for the post and the wonderful photos!

    • I know! THis has been a great winter to get “broken in” to Paris! So many times I have checked my weather app and Paris has been warmer than Houston! I hope you have had a great one. I know you will welcome spring, though!

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