Another Day in Par-ee-dise!

When I woke up one morning last week and my iPhone weather app had a big sun and “68” on it, I knew I had to cancel all my appointments for the day and spend it outside.  OK- I didn’t really have any appointments.  Or even a plan.   But if I had, I would have changed them all.  It was that kind of beautiful.

By 11:00 I was on the 83 bus, heading across the river and into the oh-so-civilized and elegant St. Germain.

Place de Ferstenberg is a lovely square tucked away from the hustle of the neighborhood.  The Delacroix Museum is located there, although it was closed for an installation when I tried to pop in. The square is lined with expensive and beautiful drapery and upholstery shops whose windows make me swoon.




Just around the corner are Rue du Buci and Rue de Seine, always lively with sidewalk cafes, restaurants, bars, flowers, and gelato.



I popped in this popular sandwich shop, Cosi, for my lunch to go.


Nice black cat backpack. And no that’s not Angela- her ponytail is much too thick.

If you have read this blog more than once, you probably know where I take my sandwich on a gorgeous day. Oui- le Jardin de Luxembourg.



these trees are just popping little buds

these trees are just popping little buds





I can’t decide if that is some construction in the background, or if Dairy Queen has entered the Paris market in a big way.


and the crane has got the cherry

IMG_4096I spent the rest of the afternoon wandering in and out of the fabulous shops in this well-heeled ‘hood.  I popped into Cire Trudon and made a few additions to my cameo candle collection.  Also squeezed myself into City Pharma and picked up a few party favors for friends at home. By that time my bags were too heavy to continue meandering, so I caught a bus home.

I couldn’t resist a late afternoon walk at the park, however!

These kids were having a great time in the tree.


I hope you find a little bit of paradise in your day.  And cartwheels.


These daffodils were positively vibrating in the breeze.  I was mesmerized.  But I’m easily entertained.


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3 responses to “Another Day in Par-ee-dise!

  1. Martha Clay

    Wow! It looks like spring has sprung in Paris even before Austin! xo

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