Eating Out In Paris. A Lot.

We have just had the pleasurable company of Mark’s brother and his vivacious wife who were visiting from Houston. It had been a long time since family had come to Paris, and we loved showing them our adopted city. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I made reservations in new (to us) restaurants for each of the 5 nights they were here. Now that they are on the plane back home, I feel like I need a fast or a cleanse or a marathon, but it sure was fun while it lasted.

The first night we went over to the Ile de la Cite, where Notre Dame sits. I love being in that part of town at night, and I knew they would be equally captivated by its drama and grandeur.

It was still light when we headed out around 7:00.



Our restaurant, Au Baugnat, was on a quiet corner.


Right next door was this splendid display.


The restaurant was one of those authentic, old French places with exposed beams in the plastered ceiling and watch your head as you follow the hostess into the dining room. The food was pretty good, although two of the three of us had to make second choices for our main dishes because they were out of sea bass and lamb chops. At 8:30? Really? The waitresses were very nice (and slightly embarrassed) and it was a fine evening. I think the walk home might have been the best part.





The next night we chose Les Fines Gueules, a wine bar near Palais Royale. It, too, was authentic and tiny. The starters were amazing (green pea soup with a dollop of goat cheese and asparagus with egg) but the two fish dishes were sadly in need of seasoning. No visual aids for this one. I would go back and perhaps order several starters, which I think you could do in this laid-back place.

On the way home there was this.




Who needs dessert when you get this on the way home?

More restaurant talk later. I may or may not be in need of rehab for gluttony.

Au Bougnat

26, rue Chanoinesse (4th)


Les Fines Gueules

43 rue Croix des Petits Champs, (1st)


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One response to “Eating Out In Paris. A Lot.

  1. I am loving reading your paris posts – I think I might be here all night! I’ve been to Paris a few times, including one time on exchange and as much as I love Australia, I miss Paris every day! Thanks for providing me with a big dose of Paris to make the withdrawals a little easier 🙂
    Genevieve xx

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