Notre Dame by Day

One place that most of my Paris visitors want to see is the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Fortunately, it’s one that I never get tired of. I love it by day or by night, and I encourage people to see it at both times, to fully appreciate its splendor.

When my brother-in-law and his wife were with us in April, we spent an hour there one afternoon after enjoying the fifth floor of the Musee d’Orsay and its gorgeous cafe for lunch.



The line to enter Notre Dame was a bit daunting to my guests, but I assured them that it went very quickly, and it did.













As part of the cathedral’s 850th year anniversary celebration, a video at the back of the church was tracing the history of the bells. It was so interesting to see the drawings of the old bells, and because we had been fortunate enough to see the new bells before they were installed, that part of the video was meaningful, too.

Such an amazing place in so many ways. Now if I could just get my husband to quit calling it “no-ter dame”. I think he believes it was named after his alma mater. Help.

Another week drawing to a close way too fast.

Don’t forget to call yo mama. Or toast yo mama. Or, if you’re lucky enough, give her a big ol’ hug around her neck.

Because moms rock.




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5 responses to “Notre Dame by Day

  1. Yo and my mama really rock the house and you rock the town sweetheart. XOXOXOX Mark

  2. cindy

    Love that place also!

  3. Leslie Tormey

    Amazing photos



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