Walking Paris- 1900 and Last Weekend

Bonjour from Paris, mes amis! Our first guests of the season left yesterday morning after a nice weekend of good sights, good food and wine, and lots of walking. Our friends were both wearing their Fitbits, which prompted me to order a replacement for the one I accidentally washed with my dirty laundry. This time I went for the more expensive one that goes on your wrist (in “Slate”, no less), and I hope it sticks around longer than its predecessor. As an aside, if you are obsessed with your Fitbit (or know someone who is), you might enjoy this short essay by the hilarious David Sedaris.

My friends and I got very lucky on Friday when we walked by the Petit Palais and there was no line for the much acclaimed exposition entitled “Paris of 1900 – The City of Entertainment”. This is a fantastic exhibit on many facets of Paris at the time it hosted the World Exhibition in 1900. It’s quite extensive, and includes paintings, objets d’art, costumes, photographs, film, furniture, and more. I could have spent hours in there! Here is a gorgeous poster for the exhibit.


As the poster says, it’s only here until August 17, so plan your trip to Paris tout de suite!

We also visited one of my favorites, le Musee de Nissim de Camondo, which I have gone on about before. I am still entranced by it, and this time I took some pictures of the kitchen, which is my favorite room in the entire mansion. I would hate to have been in charge of polishing all that copper.





We walked by this swanky little sweet shop and I couldn’t resist a quick pic from the doorway.


Walking home one evening we passed two Louboutin shops, both with lines of people waiting to get in them. I was so curious about those folks- were they standing in line just to go in and look, or did they really plan to buy? I should have asked them, I guess. Inquiring minds want to know.




Those shoes definitely were not made for walking.  Not on Paris streets, anyway.

That’s all for today, friends. Keep on walking and counting your steps in your fancy shoes.

Over and out in my ballet flats.


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2 responses to “Walking Paris- 1900 and Last Weekend

  1. Julie

    Ooh! My girls would love those shoes. Wonder does he make work boots with steel toes for all the budding female engineers? I think it would be a great seller.

  2. Laura

    I did not think I had missed any of your blogs but somehow the original one on le Musee de Nissim de Camondo slipped by me. Thanks for inspiring me to go back.

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