Market Day!

Sorry for flooding your inbox today, but I just returned from the market with a cart full of produce so beautiful I had to share.


Does that not make you want to eat your veggies? I get a ridiculous amount of satisfaction knowing that all of this good stuff was in or on the ground not far from me just a few days ago. Ok- except the lemons.

It’s time to say goodbye to the stone fruits, which is always sad, but here come the apples! Hip hip! My five green apples didn’t make the group photo, but they will soon be diving into a bowl with sugar and spices for a pie. What better way to welcome my mom chez nous?

So yes, I had a pound of potatoes, five apples, and a melon in this mix, so can I just tell you how heavy my rolling cart was?  I heaved it over the metro turnstile and then carried it up and down the metro steps like a boss. Just sayin.

The flowers are dahlias, which I adore almost as much as apple pie. They are in plastic containers getting a long drink of very hot water, which is said to prolong their life in the vase. So there you go- don’t say you never learn anything on this blog.

The little tablecloth is a new find at the flea market. Isn’t it sweet? The embroidery is repeated on each corner and in the middle.


Thank goodness the tomatoes are still at the market. I haven’t gotten my fill of them yet. I think these will be roasted for a tart. Thanks, Smitten Kitchen!

What’s for dinner at your house?


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5 responses to “Market Day!

  1. Laurie

    So, I’m just saying, it’s not fresh or beautiful or anything remotely Parisian, but how do red beans and rice grab ya??? Have a wonderful time with your mom. I know this is just what you both need. Xoxo

  2. Julie

    Very nice. Now you need to include a few recipes. Enjoy that apple pie with your mom

  3. Martha Clay

    meatloaf and lots of complaining.

  4. Martha

    “Like a boss.” You’re the greatest.

  5. Lisa

    I saw that roasted tomato tart from Smitten Kitchen. Looks so good! Let me know how it turned out.

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