Bon Anniversaire, Printemps!

Paris has three beautiful old department stores- Galeries Lafayette, Le Bon Marche, and Printemps. Printemps and Galeries Lafayette are located next to each other on Boulevard Haussman, very near the Garnier Opera House. Recently I walked around that neighborhood and was delighted to find Printemps all “floraled” up for her 150th birthday. “Printemps” means “spring” in French, and the store certainly exudes springtime, even as we are still donning coats and scarves in Paris.












I gave up on ever finding the windows without a glare. Sorry.




I loved the background of this one, though it’s hard to discern with the glare. The clouds are cut out of paper and the right side of background is stormy, windy sky while the left side is cherry and calm.


This window had cool flowers that opened and closed. You do have to exercise a little patience, though. Kind of like waiting for springtime in Paris.

Finally, here is a picture of le printemps at the gardens of Palais Royale on Saturday.


Photo by Mark F. Mai. Used with permission. Not really.


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6 responses to “Bon Anniversaire, Printemps!

  1. Cassandra Vazquez

    I loved this one, Kate!!! Enjoy the beautiful sprig!

  2. gigabiting

    Hi Kate.
    Michael and I are looking forward to a little of that French printemps. We have been shivering our way through Holland and Belgium for the past week as Michael picks up his ancient pensions from his years of theatre directing in those countries. Cold and drizzly from the get-go. Today we move on to France for the next 2 weeks, although alas, not Paris. Hopefully Bourgogne is similarly in bloom.
    Beautiful, beautiful post.
    xxox Janice

    • Bonjour Janice! So sorry about the cold welcome you have received from Europe! My daughter Claire was in Amsterdam at the same time and said it was miserable, and now she is in Berlin where it was, yes, snowing when she arrived. I hope you love your weeks in France, whatever the weather!

  3. Abu

    Ahhhhh! Springtime in Paris! So looking forward to this with you! 🙂

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