Yesterday’s Walk In The Park

The weather in Paris has not been great since my return from vacation. Tuesday was unusually windy, and yesterday only slightly better. When the sun began teasing us in the afternoon I zipped up my jacket and walked around Parc Monceau. I had both my umbrella and my book in my purse, hoping to be prepared for whatever turn the weather took. Turned out I didn’t need the umbrella, but I wasn’t warm enough to sit on a bench with my book.


I loved how her yellow shoes looked with the flowers.

I loved how her yellow shoes looked with the flowers.

It pains me to say that I have not seen our two old friends at the park in a long time. I never stop looking for them, though. We have seen this couple before. Do you remember them? They always walk like this.




This plane tree is over 200 years old. I just love it.


The birds were so happy. They must know that spring is on its way.


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2 responses to “Yesterday’s Walk In The Park

  1. Garlanda

    I enjoyed my walk in your park.

  2. Martha

    Love the bird video – such a tweet!

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