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Springtime in Paris

Bonjour y’all! Who doesn’t love April? NO ONE. That’s who. Here in Austin the  jasmine is in full flush and wildly redolent (all except the jasmine on my fence at the lake, which was burnt by the freezes and looks really skimpy and sad). Iris are still standing proud and roses have loved the recent rain and are showing off bigly.

My Paris-heavy Instagram feed has reminded me how much I loved springtime in Paris when I lived there. Of course, spring in Paris was well-earned and frequently took its sweet time getting there, making it even more of a celebrity than it is here. Hooray for spring everywhere, whenever it chooses to arrive.

I think we all deserve a little Paris this morning, so I gathered some of my favorite pictures of Paris pink, a color that embellishes Paris in springtime like pink frosting on an elegant confection. Enjoy.












Have a good week, my friends.


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And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

Paris has been much on my mind the last few days, probably because of the senseless tragedies that continue to be inflicted upon Europe. While missing Paris, I am also reminded that this time of year can be difficult there. You are sooooooo ready for spring (which according to Instagram has arrived in just about every other place in the world), and yet there you are, still wearing your tired sweaters and boots and hating them. It was also difficult to be so far away from home on Easter, and so I’m extra happy to be home to celebrate Easter with family this year. I’m making jambalaya for our Easter feast, because I am ready to swap out the ham tradition (never been a big ham fan, myself) and I think jambalaya could be up to the task of supplanting the pig in the middle of the table. I hope so, anyway.

So shall we lose ourselves in some Paris for a few minutes?


See- don’t they look cold under that stunning tree?



Yep- there was a reason those chairs were empty on April 4.


Eventually the lighter scarves come out again!

Eventually the lighter scarves come out again!




Ridonculous ranunculus.

Ridonculous ranunculus.





OK. Enough of that. Don’t we all have grocery lists to make? Eggs to stuff? Jelly beans to eat*?

I know I do. Can’t wait to see myimage

*Just reminded me of the time one of my precious kids all dressed in Easter finery took my hand, opened it up, and spit a sticky mass of half-chewed black jelly bean pulp in my palm. I totally understood the impulse but ick.

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No Ugly Here

This morning I kissed my friend “adieu” and waved her off to the airport, where she will soon be leaving a jet trail on her way back to Texas. This cool, crisp air will be a distant memory by the time she steps off the plane in Houston, which is predicted to be 90 degrees and 95% humidity. We will be suffering the same rude transition when we fly home a week from now. But this morning in Paris is heavenly, and I spent a delightful hour and a half at the park, savoring the spring sweetness while I can. Parc Monceau was unusually beautiful- almost heartbreakingly so.

The wisteria on the apartment building just outside the park is finally blooming. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to open the windows and allow that fragrance to waft in?







I love this bush. Anyone know if we can grow it in Texas?

I love this bush. Anyone know if we can grow it in Texas?

close-up of sweet little bloom

close-up of sweet little bloom which looks like a bunch of baby birds waiting for breakfast!


















Thanks for stopping by, and y’all come back now- ya hear?


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Some Ugly At Last

Just in time, Paris provided the perfect antidote to my overriding blog theme of “ain’t life grand in Paris”, a theme which was bordering on insufferable. You know you have thought it at least a time or two.

Last week, on the first full day of my friend Martha’s visit, we set off for Montmartre, which always sparkles extra brightly when the sun is shining through azure sky. We took the bus a few stops and then began walking, enjoying the quiet streets and congratulating ourselves on avoiding the crush of tourists and tacky souvenir shops that fill the main street leading to Sacre Coeur. I was mapping our way on my phone, carrying it until I saw a sign for “Place du Tertre”, at which point I stuck the phone in my purse and soon began following Martha up some steps. Approximately two minutes later I reached back into my purse to retrieve my phone so I could photograph an artist with his easel who had begun climbing the steps in front of us. I fumbled for my phone in my small bag all the way up the stairs, only to discover at the top that my phone had disappeared. Apparently someone had seen me carrying it and began following me, closely and quietly, until I put it in my purse and he/she was able to snatch it. Martha was in front of me during our walk and climb, so she would not have noticed anyone tailing me. I suppose I had felt so safe that I did not zip my purse back up, knowing I would be pulling the phone back out momentarily. I cannot describe how confused and disbelieving I was when I realized my phone was missing. It was the oddest feeling, and not a good one. The lesson, my friends, is never to let down your guard when on the streets of Paris, even when you do not feel the least vulnerable.

I was able to shake it off and not allow my day to be spoiled, but I am still pretty bitter about it. But hey- I needed some Paris Ugly, and she provided it. At least now my content is more fair and balanced. But man I miss my phone.

On a more positive note, we thoroughly enjoyed a Bonnard exhibit at the Musee d’Orsay.




doesn't the woman on the right look as though she is in the painting?

doesn’t the woman on the right look as though she is in the painting?

We also paid a visit to Merci, which finally had its newest installation complete. It appears to be a laundry theme, like the one frequently installed at my house.





The sun is still shining here, and the trees and flowers are in full splendor. We are spending a lot of time outside and have enjoyed more than one glass of bubbly “au terrasse”. Life is good, but it’s even better with a phone.

Stay vigilant, mes amis, and keep all your zippers zipped.

And if you play Words With Friends or Scramble with me, now you know why I haven’t taken a turn in ten days.

The world can be ugly, but you, little nugget, are precious.

The world can be ugly, but you, little nugget, are precious.


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Running Around Paris

Mark keeps telling me I need to bring this blog down a little. He fears it might be too much of a good thing. He suggested a post on “Ugly In Paris”, and even took a few pictures of cigarette butts scattered in the streets. I’m sorry if that is indeed what is due here, because these past few days in Paris have been nothing short of glorious, and I just can’t paint it any other way. Maybe another time. But not today.

Yesterday seemed like it was the perfect day for the Paris marathon, though it might have been a tad warm for the runners by mile twenty or so. Several hours after the race began we walked to the start line at the Champs-Elysées. Some super-fast people were already hobbling around with their medals and their “Finisher” t-shirts. Any time we get a chance to walk on the Champs-Elysées when it is closed to traffic, we do it. Because it feels really cool, that’s why.




We then walked to Trocadero and down to the river to watch the mere mortals who were running the race at a four-hour pace.  This was around mile twenty-one, and it was plenty warm. They looked pretty miserable to me.


Every so often these little musical groups would play along the course to cheer on the runners.

I would much prefer to ride this horse, thank you.

I would much prefer to ride this horse, thank you.


Today was even lovelier, if that was possible.


I took a walk that landed me at this tiny udon restaurant right at lunch time. Mark and I had noticed it several times and intended to try it out, and today seemed like as good a time as any. It was narrow, with an eating bar along the open windows, overlooking the sidewalk, and long tables about six inches behind those seats.


I sat at the bar and enjoyed the street view.


My neighbor was sitting very close to me, which made it easy for me to admire her gorgeous red hair. Is that weird?


It was a short walk to the Tuileries.




I spent about thirty minutes doing this.


Because really- how could I not?



The only Parisians having a bad day today are those who wore too many clothes.


I hope you all are having a wonderful day.

And yes, there really is some ugly here. I just choose not to look for it.


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Yesterday’s Walk In The Park

The weather in Paris has not been great since my return from vacation. Tuesday was unusually windy, and yesterday only slightly better. When the sun began teasing us in the afternoon I zipped up my jacket and walked around Parc Monceau. I had both my umbrella and my book in my purse, hoping to be prepared for whatever turn the weather took. Turned out I didn’t need the umbrella, but I wasn’t warm enough to sit on a bench with my book.


I loved how her yellow shoes looked with the flowers.

I loved how her yellow shoes looked with the flowers.

It pains me to say that I have not seen our two old friends at the park in a long time. I never stop looking for them, though. We have seen this couple before. Do you remember them? They always walk like this.




This plane tree is over 200 years old. I just love it.


The birds were so happy. They must know that spring is on its way.


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