“En Un Clin d’Oeil”




* A few of you will notice that I originally posted this about a week ago and then quickly removed it. Turns out I had jumped the gun a bit, and Mark asked me to take it down until he had officially notified everyone at his office that we were leaving Paris. We arrived in Houston yesterday and Mark told me I could safely re-post, so here it is.

For those of you who don’t speak French, the title means, “in the blink of an eye”. When we got the news we were moving to Paris, we were told our stay would be from three to five years. I didn’t dare to hope it would last the full five, and I never really believed it would. Although we went from “full-time” to “part-time” residents after three years, we actually have had our apartment and Mark’s Paris office for five. Incroyable! If you have been a regular around this blog, you know that we have loved every minute (well, almost every minute) of what Paris has given us. It has been such a joy to be able to share the experience with all of you, and to share our apartment and our excitement for this city with so many family and friends.


Our time here has finally come to and end, something we knew would eventually happen but didn’t want to talk about. Or think about. Or blog about. The last few weeks have been a frenzy of planning and packing and trying to remember which end is up. The movers arrive tomorrow to put our home in crates and send it back across the ocean. We will enjoy one last weekend in Paris and then fly back to Texas on Monday.


I think my kids have all been worried that I would go into a full-on funk about leaving, as they keep asking Mark how I am handling the move. Thankfully, I am doing just fine, kids! Although I am sad to see this incredible adventure reach its denouement, I am mostly grateful for having had this time here- time I never dreamed about or expected or deserved. Living here was so much easier than I had anticipated it being, and even more rewarding. I will always carry a bit of Paris with me, and I know the memories of our time here will buoy me through rough waters ahead.

I have such gratitude to those of you who have been loyal readers here. I tend to forget that there are so many of you out there and then I run into you at the gym or the grocery store and you mention how much you enjoy my blog and I float around with a very happy heart for the next hour or so. Others of you I have never met but your presence here has been so appreciated. Thanks for hanging in there with me through good posts and bad posts and long time in-between posts. It wouldn’t be nearly as fun to send out words and photos if no one were listening.

I still have quite a lot of Paris to share with you from Texas, but it always takes me awhile to get my boots on the ground and jalapeños back in my bloodstream. I don’t really know what will happen here when I run out of Paris. I know many of you will break up with me, because Paris is why you’re here, and that’s fine. But I hope some of the rest of you will stick around to see what happens. We have some fun plans that include several months in London, so maybe we can explore that city together. And maybe we will keep talking about other things that make us tick, like books and food and great floors and the internet and other crazy, miraculous, sad, hilarious, painful stuff that is this life. I am open to the possibilities if you are.

Bisous from Paris, mes amis!



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12 responses to ““En Un Clin d’Oeil”

  1. Martha Moore

    I’m reading this with tears in my eyes – you have been so generous with all of is, sharing your slice of heaven. And though London is not Paris, I would never break up with you, ma poule, ma cocotte, ma biche, ma chérie — merci mille fois pour tout!

  2. Cesar

    Kate, as one of your loyal and devoted readers, I’m reading this post with trepidation as the Paris adventure comes to an end. I’m one of those lucky ones who shared with you, Mark and Martha a couple of wonderful Thanksgiving dinners in Paris and other various stays at your beautiful apartment were we were showered with loads of affection and friendship. But I’m also excited that now you and Mark will be closer and we can plan more frequent get togethers without having to coordinate calendars so much in advance! And for the record, I will continue to read your blog from anywhere in the world you post it.

  3. Rita Hendrix

    MAI NON!!!!!!! What am I
    going to do without YOU
    there!! You are THE only blog I “do”
    There is a Parisian pastry chef who just
    Opened his petite cafe I ll txt Susan Nd Garlanda M and would love to
    Honor you there when you have time
    Maybe after London!!

    A bientot


  4. Susan

    What a beautiful post. It was exactly two years ago that I was in your shoes and many tears were shed. I won’t lie, repatriation is not easy, but I’m hoping it will be for you and Mark since you have been part-time for awhile. No chance of us “breaking up with you”…we will always have the bond and memories of Paris. I’m hoping that I can now see more of you??? Bisous!

  5. Martha

    I might just cry here in lees barbeque, Trinidad, co!

  6. Allison Lorimer

    Kate, this is Allison Talley Lorimer, Nancy Craven’s niece in law. I have loved, loved, loved reading your blog and seeing your marvelous photos! Please keep us apprised of your journey home and know I will keep so many of your entries active and your pics at hand as they have inspired such interest in Paris and other venues you have visited. Thanks so much.

    • Oh my gosh, Allison, it is so good to hear from you and I am thrilled that you have enjoyed my blog!!Thanks so much for letting me know! I hope to have more good stuff for you in the near future!

  7. Elizabeth C.

    we’ll always have Paris and now will continue with your next adventure. Love the way you write and your photos always make want to be there.

  8. Laurie Mai

    This one made me cry, Kate. I have learned so much about Paris and France through your blog. To read about your day to day experiences while you were there gave me a chance to travel without leaving my kitchen chair. Have fun in Alaska-don’t ever stop blogging. Love you

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