Sign Me: Charmed in Normandy

When we were in Normandy last week Mark and I spent one night in the tiny town of Honfleur. Honfleur is a picturesque port in Normandy, sitting at one end of this impressive cabled bridge, le pont de Normandie, which links Honfleur with Le Havre.


For some reason I can’t begin to explain, I did not take many pictures in Honfleur. One explanation is that the town is so pretty I couldn’t decide what to shoot. Many Impressionist painters captured the beauty of this tiny place on the estuary of the Seine, so you may have seen paintings of Honfleur in museums.




This was not our first trip to Honfleur, and we did not spend a lot of time in the town this time around. The highlight of this visit was our hotel, L’Auberge de la Source, an old farmhouse sitting a few miles outside of town, on the edge of an enchanted forest. Well, it seemed enchanted to me, anyway.



Our room was upstairs in the main part of the house, offering views from three sides.




We ate a very nice dinner next to a burning wood fire in the hotel dining room, where we returned for breakfast the next morning.


bread, anyone?

bread, anyone?

love those old French floors

love those old French floors



Just outside the windows of the breakfast area was a pretty little garden, complete with an old apple tree that was dropping its bounty while we were there.




We slept with a window open and I woke in the early hours to the sound of gentle rain on our roof and a rooster in the distance. Yep, this place was definitely enchanted.




Most people probably do to spend the night in Honfleur, but that’s too bad, because they are missing out on a little slice of country heaven.

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