Paris Peninsula- Bar Kléber

Mark and I recently found ourselves back in Paris for two nights on either end of a quick trip to Normandy. It was a tad bittersweet to be in the city that felt like home but no longer was home. We stayed in the apartment of some good friends, the next best thing to being in our old place, which we both miss very much. But our friends’ apartment has this, which ours definitely did not, so….


Our first night in Paris we were happy to find ourselves in the cozy Bar Kléber of the Peninsula Hotel. The hotel had thanked me for my glowing account of our visits to the rooftop bar and restaurant in July, and were gracious enough to invite us to try out the bar on the lobby level of that incredible property. How could we say non?

The evening had been rainy, so we opted to sit inside the bar rather than on the lovely, covered terrace that stretches along the imposing entrance to the hotel.


The interior felt cozy on that damp and cool night.



We were shown to a table for two that would have been quite romantic had our chairs not wrapped around us at shoulder level, making even holding hands a challenge. I guess they could tell we were too old for romantic. But if you’re into that kind of thing, don’t sit in the wrap-around chairs.


Mark chose the hotel’s signature cocktail, the Kléber, while I decided on the Ramos fizz. They were as delicious as they were pretty. Mark’s donned a jaunty white feather, while mine wore a flirty purple pansy.



Although we had  just eaten dinner at Ellsworth, we didn’t turn down the nuts and olives they brought with our drinks.


The atmosphere of the Bar Kléber was sophisticated without being pretentious. Quiet music played in the background, never obtrusive, and adding a note of elegance. The dim lighting, although making photographs difficult, lent an atmosphere that was both discreet and inviting.  The gold gilt so prevalent throughout the elegant hotel decorated the wood paneling like frosting on a fancy wedding cake.


Obviously there is not a ground floor bar on the planet that can compete with a rooftop view of the City of Light, but the Bar Kléber provided a warm and cozy venue for a delicious fancy cocktail on a misty night in Paris.

Merci, Peninsula, for wrapping up our day in Paris in such elegance.





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  1. Cynthia Kuhn

    While it didn’t have the old world charm of the Paris Peninsula, the Chicago Peninsula hotel was pretty darn nice too. And we didn’t have to sit in wrap-around chairs in the bar!

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