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Where Was I???

Zut alors! It has been many days and many miles since my last post! My life has been moving at a more frenetic pace than usual, and I am behind in many areas, including this one. So where was I? Ah oui, I was in Paris and had just spent a delightful half-hour in Astier de Villatte. My eight days in Paris were just what I needed to fill my tank after several months in London, which feels so much busier and is definitely grayer. Don’t get me wrong- I loved my time in London and am grateful to have had it, but we all know London can’t compete with Paris.

This fabulous paper covered the restaurant ceiling in our Paris hotel. Each morning at breakfast I tried to sit directly under the spot where our apartment was located. I’m sure the people who made the mistake of sitting at that table a few mornings wondered why I was glaring at them whilst they ate. (Can I still say “whilst” now that I have left England?)


Isn’t it cool? I would love to have it in my bedroom, either on the ceiling or on a wall. Or maybe in the giant closet I dream of having one day. If any of you are designer types and know how I can find this paper, please share!

Our visit coincided with the season of Epiphany, when buttery, flakey King Cakes are found in all self-respecting patisseries. Don’t even compare them with those gaudy sweet confections of the same name found in New Orleans. Please.






I loved how these posts were painted in bright colors.


I think these pretty blue and yellow balls were outside of a fire station. But I’m not sure. Maybe I should go back and check.




That’s enough Paris Love for today. There is more where that came from, and also photos from a tropical paradise that was the caboose to our extended European vacation.

Y’all come back now, ya hear?


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