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Louis Vuitton, Flowers, and Lunch = A Full Day

Thursday was a quiet day.  I did a little window shopping and had a delicious and leisurely lunch with a friend.  First, the window shopping.

Although I am not a fan of the brown monogrammed LV bags, I do love these, and they come in a luscious array of colors.


Here is what the full window looked like.


This flower shop on Rue Cler was also resplendent with color.


I had never before noticed the little street where we ate lunch, even though it is right next to La Fontaine de Mars, a restaurant we have gone many times.


Right through that arch was a tiny Basque restaurant called Pottoka. We enjoyed a very tasty three-course lunch , over which we lingered so long we were the last to leave.  And even so, they didn’t bring our check until we asked for it.  This place is so civilized.  Have I mentioned that I love it here?

Although this looks likes dessert, it actually was my starter, gambas tartare, with some kind of really cold but not overly sweet dollop on top.


My main dish was scallops, looking ever so elegant in their shells.


Finally, dessert was a Basque cake with scrumptious vanilla ice cream.


No, I don’t eat like this every day.  Thank goodness.  But I did yesterday, and then I went home and had tea with a neighbor and then made Barefoot Contessa’s White Pizza With Arugula for dinner.  I wasn’t really in the mood to go out…..

So just in case some of you are judging me for my lazy day on Thursday, let me just throw it out here now that today, Friday, I never got dressed until it was time to get ready to go to dinner.  I blogged, I read, I cleaned, I packed, I ironed, I ate some chocolate, and yes, I watched 4 episodes of Girls and 1 of Mad Men on Apple TV.  Sometimes you need to have days when you just stay home in your jammies and do what makes you happy, even if you do happen to be in the most beautiful city in the world.  Please don’t judge me.

We are walking around the block to what looks to be a very nice restaurant for dinner, so perhaps I will redeem myself with some photos from that.  Because you probably haven’t heard enough about food since I have been here, have you?

Thanks for sticking with me, even when I am  slothful and gluttonous and don’t get dressed.  It means a lot.


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