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Market Day

Today is Wednesday (even though I won’t post this until Thursday) and that means Market Day!  Yippee! I love starting my day at the Wilson Market.

I stopped for a light as I approached the market, and this nicely dressed young woman was in front of me.  I dig her sweater/coat.  And her skinny legs.  Doesn’t she look chic?

I love the way the market looks when the lights are on and the morning is a little grey.

What color!

I wanted to take him home and make him tea.  He politely declined.

I’m sure you remember our old friend Mr. Celery Root!

Look at all those plums!

I wanted these but didn’t want to tote them.

So love these babies! WIth salted butter and a touch of garlic? Heaven.

Today’s harvest

Each time I go to the market I try to make myself buy one new food.  Today I bought two- Japanese eggplant and a roasted beet.

I am sure that many of you more adventurous types are familiar with these beauties, but they were new to me.  I had a bad experience with the sticky sweet Harvard beets when I was but a child, and have been beet-phobic ever since.  I know that these roasted beets are not to be found in the US, so wanted to try them here and see if I can grow to love the humble beet after all these years.  Does anyone have a favorite way to prepare either of these?  I am thinking a stir-fry for the cute and curvy eggplants, and a salad for the beet, but I am open to suggestions.

Y’all be sweet now. Ya hear?


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So You Want To Be A Model?

Several weeks ago the Paris department store Galeries Lafayette held its annual  “World’s Largest Fashion Show” and this year I actually made the effort to go watch.  And it really was an effort, as I had spent the afternoon on a walking tour and really wanted to go put on my fuzzy Ugg slippers and drink  a cup of tea.  Instead, I walked (some more) from the tour’s ending point to the site of the fashion show, which was on the street in front of Galeries Lafayette.  AND I had to arrive an hour before the 7:00 PM starting time if I wanted to have a decent view of the runway.  Notice I didn’t say “if I wanted to get a good seat for the show”- no seats for this event, unless you were one of the invited guests sitting in the bleachers that lined the catwalk before it came into view of us (standing) commoners.  Fortunately, it wasn’t too hot or too cold, and the rain that had threatened earlier in the day did not appear.

Coincidentally, I was in the same neighborhood that morning, because I met a friend for lunch under the gorgeous dome of another department store on the street, Printemps.  While there I watched them setting up for the show.

That gorgeous building is the Garnier Opera House, which is directly across the street from Galeries Lafayette.   The bleachers were set up under the covered area, alongside the catwalk, which then continued out in the open, where the crowd gathered .Does this help?

We couldn’t see the models until they passed through the black bleachers and came out into the open area of the catwalk. But we could see them on the screen while they were still in the covered area.

The  interesting thing about this fashion show is that the models were  just ordinary people who auditioned for the show, wearing their own clothes.  If they were selected, they wore the same outfit in the show, and spent the day of the show learning how to “work it” on the catwalk, as well as getting their hair and make-up done.  How fun would that be?

I have to apologize for the quality of my pictures.  There was a huge light shining right at me, as well as many heads in front of me.  You will see what I mean.

Here is one of the first models of the show.  I was standing directly in front of the large screen and could watch the models on the screen before they got to the end of the covered walkway, when they became visible to those of us standing and watching.

Sorry about the big bald head. I guess he got there more than an hour early.

I have a lot of photos, some of which are better than others, but none are great.  I”ll just put them up in no particular order, and you can click on them if you want to enlarge them.

These were the final models of the evening.

At the end of the show, the hair stylists came out and used up the last of their hair spray.

Here are some models reveling in their final moments of fabulosity after the show.

When  I turned around to leave my little spot on the sidewalk, my legs were so stiff I could hardly move them.  Such is the pain I endure to share a little bit of my Parisian life with you guys!

After the show I met a friend for a late dinner on the other side of the Opera House.  Here is what it looked like when we finished.

I do apologize for the poor quality of most of the pictures in this post, but as I said, I was operating at a disadvantage.  My blogger friend at Out and About In Paris, however, had the good fortune to spend the entire day with the models, and her photos are fabulous.  You can see her post about the event here.

Keep it fabulous, my fashionistas!


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Just Taking the Dog On A Walk…

Friday night, my daughter’s 19th birthday, and I am riding solo.  Mark is in Houston, spending the afternoon with birthday daughter before they go celebrate at Fleming’s.  Martha went home from school with a friend and will not be home until tomorrow.  I ate dinner early (well, early for Paris) and decided to show Sawyer some Paris streets he hadn’t seen before.  He was excited at the prospect.

Usually we walk straight up to the Champs-Elysees and then turn and walk along it, with all the tourists and a few Parisians riding their bikes to and from work.  I love the boxy trees and the Arc and the and hustle and bustle.  Tonight, however, we crossed the Champs and walked to the river.

Sawyer's first view of the Seine. He was underwhelmed.

After crossing the river we walked along a nice park area.  We wish we had something like this in our neighborhood.

When we reached the end of this quai we were at the Pont d’Alma, the bridge we would cross back over on.  As you can see, this bridge is pretty darn close to that crazy Eiffel Tower.  Too bad it was still kind of early – it would have been a prettier picture if it had been lit.

This traffic looks a lot like Houston's but without Suburbans.

At this point Sawyer is telling me to put down the damn camera and get out of the street.

So, if you have been following my narration closely, you know that we are now walking back toward home, but on a different street.  This street is called Rue Montaigne, and it is one high dollar street.  I just snapped pics as we walked on by- it really is literally one designer boutique after another.

I don't even know where to begin with this window.

Those guys sound familiar,

This pic actually took a long time to get because that mannequin spun very s l o w l y.


This would have to be a FURragamo, wouldn't it?

Cutest children's boutique window. I may have to go back and get a better picture so you can appreciate it. Darling.

As we got back to the Champs, there was an invitation-only art event of some type in this lovely building.  Sawyer and I were missing the required orange envelope, but we enjoyed watching the more fortunate.

So we crossed back over the Champs Elysees and headed home again down the street that is our new equivalent of Memorial Drive.  Isn’t  this a pretty florist?  I haven’t indulged yet, but it’s inevitable.

This is our home metro stop, which means we have come to the conclusion of our designer showcase.

Pardon, can you direct me to the nearest T. J. Maxx?  Non?  Merde.

Sequel: Le chien and I  did a similar walk tonight, Saturday, when we found ourselves once again looking at each other with nothing to do.  The light was a little prettier, so here are a few more.

This time we walked along the river instead of crossing it.

closer view- isn't that gold incredible?

I don't know if this pic came out any better. It's a car with bunnies hanging out, and a suitcase coming open on top, with clothes flying out. These French people are really creative.


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