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Speed Bump

Bonjour, mes amis. I am loath to tell you that my Paris antics have been  curtailed due to clumsiness  an unfortunate accident I suffered while visiting Le Musee de la Vie Romantique on Friday. The museum is in a charming, crooked little house build in 1830 at the foot of Montmartre hill. The house feels untouched by passing time, and one can still hear the conversation and music that must have filled its rooms when George Sand, Chopin, and other artists used to congregate here.



A two room studio sits just in front and to the side of the house, and that is where I enjoyed the paintings in both rooms and then stepped out of the second, forgetting that I had climbed two steps to get into that room just minutes before. I didn’t land in a heap on the floor, but I did perform mid-air acrobatics before landing hard on my right foot. All to say, it isn’t broken or even severely injured, but it has slowed me down significantly. As you probably know, my little adventures usually involve many miles of walking on uneven and crowded streets, and I have been hesitant to do that on an ankle that still looks lumpy and slightly fat. Which is why I spent this last delightfully temperate weekend on our couch, catching up on Downton Abbey and reading The Antagonist, both of which were very entertaining but not Paris!

Oh yes, before we left the museum we had to sit and enjoy a spot of tea in this charming courtyard.


One other instance of unfairness this weekend- I had to lose an hour of sleep for the second time this spring, as France changed its time on Sunday. I wonder why all countries don’t move clocks at the same time? It was nice having only 6 hours difference between us and home, and now it’s 7.  However, I do look forward to having evenings lit for after-dinner walks, once I am able to enjoy them again.

In closing, we did get out for a nice dinner on the l’Ile de Saint- Louis Sunday night. We ate at Mon Vieil Ami and enjoyed smiling service and delicious food.



For dessert we bought Berthillon ice cream at the stand by the river that always has a long line in summer but was blissfully short on a Sunday night in March. We ate our cones while leaning against the bridge, watching the water, and listening to a very good street guitar player. Not a bad way to end a lazy weekend at all.



I always enjoy being in that neighborhood at night. It feels so dramatic.


A quick update- my ankle is much better (hooray!).  We are off to Dubai tomorrow for a quick trip.  Hoping for no speed bumps!


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