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Bonjour Paris!

Mark and I left a gorgeous, sunny day in Houston Friday and arrived to a grey, cold day in Paris Saturday. But there’s nothing unusual about that, is there? We weren’t able to sit together on our flight, and while we waited for our luggage I overheard the guy I sat next to telling someone about how much the lady next to him (moi) slept. He was amazed and more than a little envious. Yep, I’m telling you, three Simply Sleep + one airplane bottle of red wine=Happy Landing cocktail. Works every time.

After a three-hour power nap at our apartment, we hit the streets of Saint-Germain.

Gorgeous hat shop

Gorgeous hat shop

flower shop

flower shop

street shot

street shot


Mark standing by happy red door of nice hotel

Mark standing by happy red door of nice hotel

After a nice walk we were ready to put our feet up and enjoy some cafe wine. We scored a perfect corner table with this prime view of the street.IMG_2911

Lots of folks were out enjoying the cold Saturday.


No, I did not intentionally pick out the scaffolding and plastic- I swear it’s everywhere.

This morning I went to my favorite flea market, Porte de Vanves, and poked around in all the stuff. It was sunny but a tad chilly 34 degrees.






Afterwards I went home and picked up Mark, and we went to explore Hotel des Invalides.


Although very close to our apartment, we had never before wandered through this gorgeous complex, which used to house disabled veterans. One famous Frenchman is still housed there- Napoleon’s tomb is located in the beautiful Eglise du Dome. His body is in one of six nested coffins within this sarcophagus of red quartzite.



If he were able to see out the top, this would be his view.


seal in the floor upon entering the dome

seal in the floor upon entering the dome

The Hotel des Invalides also contains the wonderful Musee de l’Armee, which includes many of Napoleon’s uniforms, as well as some of his campaign furniture.


Through the entrance, a peek of the Grand Palais and my favorite bridge, Pont Alexandre.


From here we walked to the charming Rue Cler for lunch at a busy cafe.

Notice the Poilane bread on top of the shelf!

Notice the Poilane bread on top of the shelf!


Needing to walk off our lunch, we ambled over to the Montparnasse Tower, the tallest building in Paris.


That doesn’t look like Paris, does it? Once there, we decided to save the view from the top for a less hazy day (or night), so you will just have to wait for those pics!


And that is how I have spent my time since landing here on Saturday morning. Thanks for stopping by!


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Winding Down Paris

Yesterday was the strangest weather day I remember having here.  In fact, it was down right manic-depressive.  Bright sun one minute, pouring rain the next.  Repeat.  Weird.

We had a pre-graduation ceremony lunch here for Mlle Cordon-Bleu.

Then we walked down the street to a very swanky building  to watch the newest chefs receive their toques and diplomas.  The room was a tad warm and the ceremony a tad loooong, and I was glad I hadn’t gotten off of a plane from the US that morning, as most of our companions had done.  Yawn.

Our patience was rewarded with champagne in rooms that looked out at this.

The sun is out this morning and the air is crisp.  I got up early and made my final trip to the flea market until I return in September.

I love this market, which is called Porte de Vanves, because it is an easy metro ride from my apartment, and is not so large that it can’t be done in an hour.  There is a little of everything here.  Dishes, glasses, silver, crystal, paintings, jewelry, clothes, magazines, linens….you get the idea.  I love poking through it all at a leisurely pace.  Mark would rather drink battery acid.

I rarely buy much, but I have taken a shine to these old bottles.  I know some used to hold milk, and some might be canning  jars.  I love the color and the shape and the “La Lorraine” and the thistle on the top.

Sometimes I put flowers in them, and yesterday I used them for table decorations for Mlle’s lunch.

Now that I have whipped you all into a frenzy with my Martha Stewart channeling, I must go clean up the remnants of yesterday’s festivities and think about packing for my trip to Tuscany on Monday.  I return on Thursday, just in time to fly to Houston on Friday.  I will be taking Wonderchien home with me, and he is pretty pumped to be returning to Texas.  He’ll miss the random pieces of baguette on the sidewalks, but that ‘s about it.

If I am not able to post Mais Oui Tuscany from Italy, I will do it from Houston.  Because that’s just the kind of girl I am.



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