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First Day Back

I have been back in Paris for just over 24 hours and am still feeling a tad fuzzy-brained. I spent some time with my old friend Jet Lag in the middle of the night, and am not yet completely in this time zone. So please forgive incoherence or typos or weirdness of any kind.

Yesterday I managed a quick trip to my neighborhood Franprix for a few essentials. Guess what? It’s no longer the “stinky Franprix”! She has had a complete makeover and looks and smells infinitely better. Hooray for enclosed refrigeration of the cheese!  If I could just figure out where they moved the hummus I would be completely satisfied.

I picked up some gorgeous strawberries and this morning I mixed them with some frozen mango, plain yogurt, and a touch of honey to make a decadent smoothie for breakfast. Twas very delicious.

Hello, lovely.

Hello, lovely.

Feeling fortified, I grabbed my little red shopping cart and walked to the Wilson Market to see what new produce was in season. I found abundant strawberries, happy cherries, tiny bunches of wild asparagus (so cute but not sure what to do with them), rhubarb, artichokes, and eggplant. Here is what i bought:


I don’t know why I never buy prepared food at the market, as it always looks and smells delicious. The huge saucer of paella reminded me of the amazing paella we ate in Madrid, so I bought some. Dinner: check.

Are you as intimidated by artichokes as I am? I love to eat them, but they are thorny and fuzzy and I never know how long to cook them. The market was full of these baby artichokes and I had just read a Smitten Kitchen post on Crispy Frizzled Artichokes, so I decided to give it a try. As you can see, I only bought five, just in case I don’t get it right.

Paris is cool and overcast this morning but the sun promises to peek out this afternoon. I think I will take a nap and hope for a sunny walk when I wake up.

Happy Hump Day, everyone!



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Happy To Be Back In Paris

I love how the light fixtures kind of look like hearts!

I love how the light fixtures kind of look like hearts!

Bonjour y’all! We have finally made it back to Paris, and I know you all are as happy about that as I am. The skies have been sunny for the most part, and have warmed us up nicely in the afternoons. I am still adjusting to the time zone, but have managed to stay awake all day. I made a visit to the Wilson Market early this morning and was happy to find the last of the green peas and some very nice rhubarb, which I have already whipped up into a crumble. Just the rhubarb, of course- the peas will be steamed with a little (or a lot) of butter and a dash of sea salt. So glad it’s almost dinner time.





Yesterday when I awoke from my deep post-flight nap, I made myself take a long walk in the sunshine. I walked to the river and then along the newly developed river bank, and then back home through the Tuileries. I snapped these pics as I went, so that you, too, could enjoy my first walk back in Paris.


Quick aside- Mark and I went back to the river bank last night after dinner and it looked like this:



Finding a table at a cafe was out of the question, so we stood in line for a drink and then perched on the curb and watched the masses go by. Some were in high heels, some were attempting to jog through the crowd, and a few brave souls were even on bikes.

Back to my afternoon walk-




tether ball with paddles?

I crossed back over the river at the Musee d’Orsay bridge. Before leaving, I took this short video of the scene on the Seine, because I found it so charming. I regret not getting more of the musicians, because they were wonderful. I hope to find them there again.

I love this temporary “gallery” of famous people whose photos were taken on the Seine.


Paul and Joanne!

Paul and Joanne!

I did finally make it over the bridge and into the Tuileries, where a carnival was set up on the Rivoli side.


I was impressed that stands were already being set up for Bastille Day. These were at Place de la Concorde, facing the Champs Elysees.


Mark asked if I would mind sitting there for the next few weeks to save our seats. Somehow I don’t think we would qualify for those prime viewing spots.

So that’s pretty much what my first two days have been. Our first visitors arrive tonight, so I have some housework to do today. I probably will not take photos of that.  You will just have to use your imaginations.

Au revoir!



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