A Taste of Mexico Followed By A Slice of Paris

My good friend at Out and About In Paris reminded me of a promise I had made to pick a place for us to share a good Mexican lunch, and I finally came through one fabulous  day in November.  After a little research, I chose a tiny spot in a neighborhood in the 10th that neither of us was very familiar with.  I  am almost embarrassed to tell you what it is called, because the name is so ridiculous it would never fly in Texas.  Are you ready?  El Guacamole.  Terrible, right? Fortunately, the food was much better than the name.


Although it looks pretty big, it actually was tiny.  The area to the left of the door is the kitchen, and the limited seating area is on the right.  We got one of the last tables and were happy to have it.

The menu was limited to tacos and a few sides like guacamole (of course).



The guacamole needed a little salsa added to give it a bit of kick, but it was good.  The beverage was quite good, and more icy than one can usually find in Paris.  I wasn’t able to snap a pic of the tacos before we scarfed them down, but they were tasty, as well.



Just across the street from El Guacamole was a beautiful boulangerie called Du Pain et des Idees.  For a glimpse of its charm, check out its website here.  The window featured a display of lovely  antique tins.  I was smitten and I hadn’t even had a whiff of croissant yet.



There was a short line hanging out of the door, which we joined as soon as we finished our lunch.  A very nice man in line just in front of us told us that he crossed town several times a week just to buy bread at this bakery.  After that testimonial, we were prepared to wait as long as it took to sample the goods from this gorgeous shop.  I bought their “bread of the day”, which was stuffed with cheese and nuts.  It was amazing.  Sadly, I have forgotten what else I bought, but I have not forgotten that it was all delicious.

Here are some photos Mary Kay took inside the shop.  I’m sorry I cannot enlarge them because they are great.





A day of friendship, tacos, margaritas, and bread in Paris- what more could one want?

Well, a side of fresh jalapeno would have nice.  But we can’t have everything.

El Guacamole

37 Rue Yves Toudic 75010


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17 responses to “A Taste of Mexico Followed By A Slice of Paris

  1. Margaux

    Wow this just made me so hungry!! Also, have you forgotten about our delicious TexMex meal after sushi?! I mean, they had Doritos it their guacamole…

    Xo! Margaux

  2. That bakery is rumoured to have the best Galette des Rois in Paris, the lines were running up the block yesterday!!!

  3. I recently discovered this same bakery, and it does live up to the hype. It’s nice to see a baker still committed to fresh, traditional methods, which always equal maximum yummy-ness. You can just smell the difference when you walk into that place.

    I didn’t, however, know there was a decent Mexican place just across from it, so I will definitely check that out, thanks!

  4. Karene

    You don’t know me, but I love following your blog, and Mary Kay’s! I so enjoyed this outing with you two to El Guacamole :), and to the wonderful boulangerie! I am getting so many ideas for when I eventually travel to Paris! Can’t wait!

  5. Good to know that there is some good Mexican grub here in Par-ee! You two have been talking about this date for a while, so I’m glad that it finally came into being.

    As I imagined, it is a little pricey! 3 tacos and a marg for 17euros! Holy Guacamole! But as you wrote, the food was good, so a little splurge (especially when trying to get a little taste of home) every now and then is well worth it!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! xo.

    • Happy New Year! I guess I am numbed out to the cost of eating out in Paris- didn’t even occur to me that it was pricey. However, I will say that MK and I split those 3 tacos and guac and we were satisfied. And she and I can eat…..

  6. Martha Wood

    I’m having a great time exploring your blog! Cyndy Goodrich Smith and I are friends and she sent me the link. I may be making a trip to Paris in May. I’m a native Austinite and am learning a little French with Rosetta Stone. Thanks for all the tips! Hope to meet you one day!

    Martha Wood

  7. Living in So. Cal I never eat Mexican when I am abroad-Mexican in France seems so wrong to me. On my last flight over there my seat mate complained that it is all French food everywhere-I was thinking yeah!!! what is wrong with that-here we get everything and I had never really thought about that before=not sure how I missed this restaurant-I sat down at La Pain et du Idees on my last trip-it is a very quaint boulangerie.

    If you ever want Mexican spices sent over let me know.

  8. Hey I joined up and have found the comment button. Just followed your link from out and about in Paris and the gang’ s all here!
    Unfortunately I left Paris two days ago before I read this post, just an excuse to go back to try the bakery and the Tacos.

    Love Denise

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