Luxembourg Love

Who would have thought that the sun would be shining brightly again when I left my apartment Monday morning?  It was so gorgeous, I had no choice but to head for Luxembourg Gardens, where I am always drawn on beautiful days.  It was before lunchtime, so the park was relatively empty but for a few joggers dodging the mud puddles, several older folks enjoying the weather, and some moms who were grateful to be outside with their kids.











I was happy to see that my favorite park inhabitants, the bees, were still buzzing happily, despite the recent cold snap.




And something I had never noticed before- an Insect House!


From there I meandered back home, stopping along the way at the Bon Marche, where I wandered around the food section (surprise!) and bought some sea salt to take home.


I loved this pooch waiting outside the flower shop.


This shop didn’t have a dog, but was gorgeous.


Boulevard Raspail waited quietly for its next market day.



After a quiet lunch on Blvd. Saint Germain and a stroll through the Tuileries, I was home again.  Just in time.IMG_2861

That night we went to dinner in an old pharmacy.  Sadly, my photos of the exterior of Le Pharmacie didn’t come out very well, but at least you can appreciate the gorgeous color.  The interior was decorated with old pharmacy bottles (which are quite collectible now).




After a long day of walking around Paris, it was just what the doctor ordered.


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7 responses to “Luxembourg Love

  1. Bonjour! I love your blog! You exude so much energy and I can feel your passion for this beloved city! I have just arrived back in Paris and plan on staying for 3 months. I would be happy to post a link to your blog on mine.. all the very best to you and enjoy your days left in Paris! Roniece Dawson-Bruce

  2. Lisa

    Nice post! I am still waiting for the one about visiting your dear friends in Milan and what a wonderful weekend you had together. Oh wait–that hasn’t happened yet! We’d love to host you here!

    • Good morning! Yes, I am waiting for that post, too! When I get settled here again in the fall we will pull out the calendars, oui? We need to catch up! What are you doing for your birthday???

  3. Hi. I always used to think that the Luxembourg was beak in winter but when my husband took me to Paris at Christmas I suddenly saw the beauty of it all. You capture it in your lovely pictures.

    Le Pharmacie, is my “local restaurant ” just round the corner from where I try to stay when I visit Paris. I love it there and the whole Oberkampf area.

    Funnily enough I have never been in the food hall at Bon Marche, I could never find it! Only recently have I learned that the food hall is across the road from the main store!! DUH!

    Hi Roniece1…. Roniece is a friend of mine too. Glad you have found this wonderful bolg.. A bientot!

    Love Denise

  4. Laura

    Great tour as usual but you left out what you ate, Always appreciated by your foodie audience

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