Hello Real Life

My biggest blog fan (who also happens to be married to me) has been shaming me about not posting since I left Paris several weeks ago.  I have had to remind him that after enjoying Paris for 10 days, and then flying almost directly to Cancun for my daughter’s spring break for 5 days, I have been a little preoccupied with re-entry into Real Life.  However, on this gorgeous spring day in Houston I am finally spending some quality time alone with my computer, and with any luck at all there will be a new post waiting for him the next time he checks.  Sheesh- I’m glad the rest of you don’t start nagging me when my blog is quiet!

Here are some random street pictures from Paris.


This was a fabulous Haute Couture exhibit at the Hotel de Ville.

This was a fabulous Haute Couture exhibit at the Hotel de Ville.



One last Fashion Week diva

One last Fashion Week diva

On the last Friday night of my visit I surprised Mark with a dinner reservation at a restaurant with an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower.  The restaurant, 180, is open only temporarily at the top of the Pullman Hotel, and offered an up-close and personal view of Madame Eiffel.  She was looking pretty good that night.


Can you imagine living in one of these apartments this close to the Eiffel Tower?

Can you imagine living in one of these apartments this close to the Eiffel Tower?

our table

our table

That was the perfect way to toast a wonderful visit to Paris.  We walked home and took this parting shot.  I never get tired of the Eiffel Tower.  Do you?


Stay tuned for more Paris, mes amis!


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17 responses to “Hello Real Life

  1. Martha Clay

    I didn’t read in People that Andrea Bocelli had so many dogs.

  2. Margaret

    My question is: how the heck can that woman walk anywhere in those heels? But then again, looking at her I get the idea that she probably doesn’t have to do a whole lot of walking. Nice pics of the Eiffel Tower, Kate! Like you, I never tire of seeing photos of that lovely site. When are you heading back to Paris?

  3. Margaux

    Oh my gosh the outfit in the last post is a DREAM! Why doesn’t my hair look like that?? My biggest blog fan (your son) always gets made at me for never posting on mine! Must be a Mai man mannerism.

    Hope to see you soon! XO

  4. Never will I ever tire of the Eiffel. Am so sad I didn’t get to see it sparkle this time. We were just too busy. The one night I could have seen it, it was snowing like crazy and the boots I was wearing kept slipping. I’ve fallen enough in the streets of Paris for ones life–wasn’t going to have it happen again. And I don’t get how all those fashion divas can walk in that crushed white rock in their super expensive designer shoes! Crazy..

  5. Hmmmm/ That restaurant looks like a perfect place to celebrate our 10th anniversary on June 7th. How would I go about making a reservation I wonder? So excited about our visit. We are enjoying reading our books and discovering what a rich history the city has – and gruesome!

  6. Funny, a lot of my favourite bloggers seem to be having a quiet spell at the moment, including me..( makes me feel better!) Maybe we need the spring to start properly to spur us all into action. Anyway, thanks for the wonderful pictures. I never tire of pictures of Paris. The fashionista is hilarious. Those glasses are pure Dame Edna Everage. Thing is, she can carry it off. I would just look ridiculous dressed like that..

    I also went to the Pullman pop up bar, but have not blogged about it. becuase others have done the job so much better. I have got some amazing pictures and I am so pleased that I finally have a great picture of the ET that I could blow up to put on my wall.

    Love Denise.

  7. Ron

    I’m sure the fashion diva manages to get around just fine. Nobody commented on her eyewear?!? Did you run into Jessica Chastain during fashion week, perchance??

  8. Love your posts and your pictures every time!

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