Checking In With Hermes

After the Roger Vivier party, my friend and I lingered on Rue Saint-Honore, which had a heightened vibe that night.  I think it was because it was Fashion Week , and more beautifully dressed people were out and about after dark than usual on a week night.

I know you all like to see how the Hermes windows are dressed, and I was happy to be right there to get these pictures for you.  The windows seemed a bit more simple than usual (for Hermes), with a gorgeous silk scarf hung as a backdrop and assorted Hermes treasures in the scarf colors scattered throughout the window.

The largest and most impressive window features a winged motorcycle!












So gorgeous.  So luxe.  So Over The Top!  I do  love Hermes windows.

Thank you for shopping at Hermes and please come back.


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7 responses to “Checking In With Hermes

  1. I think the windows in Paris are an unappreciated art form in themselves.So much imagination and creativity goes into them. You can walk along Rue St Honore or Ave Montaigne or through the Marais and soo an art show…..for free!
    I particularly like the “grey” window. Very clever how the artist has made interest with just different shades. ( listen to me you’d think I knew anything about it! LOL!)

    Love Denise

    • I know- their windows are so stylized and beautiful. I wish we could capture that essence at home. Anthropologie does a good job, but most are very ordinary.

  2. Julie Little

    I love those green shoes/sneakers. Don’t you think they would be so cute for daily errands to HEB or the cleaners or even walking the dog!!!

  3. Dolly Hall

    These are my favorite Hermes windows that you’ve shown us. I love, love, love every one of these scarves.

  4. WOAH!!!! I LOVE that graffiti decorated scarf!!! Damn, girl, now I am going to be all inspired to walk in and ask how much. Last time I did that it was 7000€. For a scarf. Okay, it was a special, limited edition scarf done by some well known artist, but for that price, I could almost have my Birkin!!! ps, The scarf sold out. 150 prints at 7k each and there were 30 different designs. Makes it easy to see how they make their rent payments each month!!!

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