Life, Texas, Paris

Things have been a tad crazy chez Mai Houston.  We had a graduation (yea Martha!).  We went to San Antonio for its Second Wettest Day Ever (or something like that- it rained 8 inches in just a few hours).  We dealt with an ill-timed case of mono which scuttled a much-anticipated summer in Nicaragua for other daughter.  I spent several days in Austin taking care of my littlest niece (in case you are wondering, they still tie Barbie down in her plastic package as if she were a flight risk- so stressful to pry her out without injuring yourself or her while a little girl bounces at your side impatiently).  I have had to find a new car all of a sudden, as Nicaragua turned into St. Louis AND my old car.  I hope to use this week to re-group, de-clutter, and restore some order around here.  With only three of us (and Wonderchien) here, I may have a snowball’s chance of success.  We can hope.

People are asking about our plans to return to Paris.  We will be on a slightly different track this year, as we have been re-classified from ex-pats to….people who travel back and forth between Paris and Houston and have offices in both places.  Well, Mark does.  I just follow and smile and attempt to translate French for him.  We still have our apartment, but will spend less time in Paris than we do in Houston.  That said, we plan to spend 10 days in Paris in mid-July, and then return at the beginning of September until mid-October.  That’s as far ahead as I have been able to ponder, so we will just see how it all works out.  Now that we will no longer have our daughter with us in Paris, we are a bit more free to come and go as we wish, and I hope that includes weekends outside of Paris and in neighboring European countries.  There is still so much I want to see and do, and share with all of you.

I have been too busy to be pining for Paris, but I must confess that going through my photos tonight did make me a little wistful.  Here are a few things I miss.


entrances, passageways, and surprises

Place de Vosges

Place de Vosges

sinful carbs

sinful carbs

the floor of Notre Dame when it is quiet

the floor of Notre Dame when it is quiet

the market

the market

my dear friends

my dear friends

and of course,


Bon soir, mes amis!


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6 responses to “Life, Texas, Paris

  1. Julie

    When people speak of Paris I always want to say how much I love Place de Vosges. It is one of my favorite places over there,
    And the sinful carbs!!!

  2. Lisa

    I hope visits to “neighboring European countries” includes Milan! Would love to have you guys come visit us! Also, would be fun to meet up somewhere else together as well if possible.

    I laughed at the part about Barbie being tied down! I gave Rachel her first Barbie while on a long drive home from Grandma’s, not knowing how impossible it would be to remove her from the packaging while driving a car.

    • OMG. Barbie would have been hurled , hair flying, out the window if that had happened to me! Yes, we will meet in Milan or somewhere equally wonderful, for sure!

  3. You guys and the de Menil’s! 🙂 Glad that Texas is still called “home”… ahhh to have a heart in two worlds.

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