When In Houston

Bonjour, mes amis.  As promised, this blog returns to Paris tomorrow for a month of Paris In The Springtime.  Yay!  I am looking forward to settling back into my apartment and resuming the daily challenges of ma vie parisienne, such as trying to coax a smile out of the women at my boulangerie, always having correct change, and remembering to keep my purse zipped on the metro.  Wish me luck!

A few weeks ago I made a trip to one of my favorite Houston establishments- Wabash Feed and Garden Store.  The website says the store has been around for over a hundred years, although I have known of it only since my kids visited it on nursery school field trips. The kids were not too interested in the organic gardening products, but they loved seeing the baby animals and the assorted fowl. My friend was actually there to replace a chicken in her fancy new chicken coop, with which I am mildly obsessed.  IMG_1043


Ever since I experienced fresh, delicious eggs in Paris, I have dreamed of finding them in Houston. Now that my friend is the proud owner of 5 Rhode Island Reds, I am hopeful that I will occasionally score some of those fresh eggs!

So- back to Wabash Feed Store!




I love anything galvanized.  Is that weird?







Got mealworms??

Got mealworms??

Please do not tell Wonder Chien that such fancy dog food exists in this world.

Please do not tell Wonder Chien that such fancy dog food exists in this world.


precious Westie puppy

equal time for kitties

equal time for kitties

my friend's new chicken!

my friend’s new chicken!

come to mama!

come to mama!



even togs for the bee keepers!

even togs for the bee keepers!

Wabash is such a fun place to take kids.  If you find yourself in Houston during Spring Break, or if you live here, you must experience it.

Next broadcasts will be from Paris.  See you there!



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9 responses to “When In Houston

  1. It’s on the schedule for next week…hoping I don’t come home with farm animal. Thanks for the advice.

  2. cindy

    May I run your Provence book over this afternoon?

  3. Oh. Im a little jealous. This time last year I was booking our Fat Tire trips. We are off to Disney World Orlando with Josh! Hes the perfect age for all of it. I know youre so jealous! Sounds like the girls had a great time in Gulf Shores. Carlys tired and not looking forward to all the studying she has to do this weekend. Safe travels mi amiga! (Looking forward to Harrison and Laurens kitchen shower).

  4. Laurie

    Such a wonderful blog to start my day.
    Love you💝~Abu

  5. Laura

    Your obsessions make for very enjoyable reading
    92 year old Joe (D Day +2) vet and ma mere (85) head on their own for Normandy via Paris on April 4th. Glad to know you may be in Paris some of the time they are there.
    Safe trip

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