Paris In The Pink


We have arrived! Our apartment was a tad dusty but a welcomed sight, nonetheless. After a (too) short nap, we headed out into the sunshine that was bathing Paris. First stop was the metro, where we were puzzled why none of the turnstiles seemed to be working. A helpful local pointed out the monitor message that the metro would be free today and tomorrow due to the high level of smog in the city. Ick. But thanks.

Our destination was just a short trip to Trocadero. My friend Mary Kay at Out and About In Paris had written about an event happening there at 3:00 that sounded fun.  The “Pink Bra Spring and Bra Toss” is an annual event sponsored by Pink Bra Bazaar, a charitable organization dedicated to breast health education and supporting women with breast cancer. A very happy group of men and women, many sporting colorful bras on the outside of their clothing, enthusiastically participated in song and dance celebrating breasts and breast health.



I met this American woman when I asked if I could take her picture.  Her name is Kate and she was in charge of the event.  She said a friend made her bra top for her.  Isn’t it great?  It tied in the back with a large orange bow.  I don’t imagine she has many other opportunities to wear it!


We had to peek around heads and through elbows to see the dancers and singers, so I apologize for the obstructed views!








This sweet pea next to me enjoyed the show from her daddy’s shoulders.  Lucky girl.  Mark was not as chivalrous, unfortunately.



The entertainment culminated in, yes, a bra toss.  Only exterior bras were jettisoned.  No boobies were bared in the making of this spectacle!





Mine were kept safely under wraps the entire time.


It was a great way to spend our first afternoon back in Paris.  Thanks, Mary Kay, for telling me about it, and thanks, Pink Bra Bazaar, for sponsoring the festivities!  Mark said how cool it would be if the same event were held at the same time in front of other famous monuments.  I love that idea.

We ate an early dinner (which is not easy to do in Paris) at this pretty restaurant near the Place de la Concorde called Brasserie Flottes.



Yep, it’s definitely good to be broadcasting from Paris again!  Thanks for stopping by.  Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?  Because on the walk home I may or may not have snapped some pics of the windows at Hermes……

Have a good Monday, mes amis, and don’t forget to check Your Girls each month!


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3 responses to “Paris In The Pink

  1. Your pink bra day made me green with envy here in still-snowy New England. But you also reminded me of an appointment to add to the list for when we finally dig out. Happy Parisian spring to you.

  2. Henri

    Not a good look for most of those women. I just noticed that it is time for you to post a new photo of you! Your new French look is a statement of your new half life. Henri

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