Paris, I Hardly Know You!

IMG_1379Well hello again, France! I was delivered safely back to Charles de Gaulle airport this morning, bleary-eyed and rumpled, but happy to be here. The throngs of people at customs were the only crowds we have seen since our arrival- Paris is empty! I have been eager to experience Paris in August, having heard so much about how changed it is during the month of “les vacances”, and finally our schedules allow us to be here when so many others are not. It’s fabulous! No car horns or traffic, no crowded sidewalks, empty seats at cafes in the sunshine! I could get used to this, I think.

After a deep nap, I forced myself to rise from the dead and begin acclimating to the time zone. I walked over to Franprix for a little food for our bare fridge and cupboard. I picked up a gorgeous tomato, a cucumber, some cheese, and some Portuguese vino verde.  Anyone else a fan of this bubbly, light white wine? A trip to the bakery and a quick vinaigrette later, and I had this delicious little plate for supper. Fresh, light, and flavorful, it was the perfect meal for this jet lagged and confused body of mine.


After grocery shopping in a delightfully empty (but still janky) store, I dropped off my food and walked over to Parc Monceau to stretch my legs. It was so nice to be back to this place, even more beautiful than usual in its new quiet state.






I soaked up some sun and some quiet before walking back home. On my way I snapped this picture of one of my favorite signs on the street leading to the park- the service entrance to #7.


Inside this gate is a small stairway leading down to the service entrance.


I have no idea why that little sign slays me, but it does.

Some little boy lost his shoe in the middle of Blvd. Haussmann.  Fell out of a stroller, maybe?


And speaking of Blvd. Haussmann, usually a very busy street, it looked like this at 5:00!



I’m happy to be sharing Paris with you again!

Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?


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3 responses to “Paris, I Hardly Know You!

  1. Laura

    No old gentlemen at Parc Monceau? Even the aged leave Paris in August.

  2. Lisa

    Beautiful photos! We returned to the ghost town of Monza last Saturday which is kind of nice after the crowds in Positano.

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