Still Loving Paris In August



Paris was absolutely gorgeous yesterday. I wanted to do nothing but walk and gawk. And that is pretty much all I did.

On my way to the market I encountered the newly re opened Plaza Athénée Hotel, who looked stunning in the morning light. Wearing her trademark cream with electric red accents, she stole the red carpet. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of her.






She was all, “I am zee Plaza Athénée. Yes, Carrie Bradshaw did stay here when she was in Paris.  And yes, I know I am beautiful. Now take your peectures and move along.” Five-star hotels can be haughty like that, especially when they have cars like this parked in front of them.

a Bentley convertible (I think)

a Bentley convertible (I think)

a Mazzeradi



At last I tore myself away from her allure and rounded the corner to the President Wilson Market. I must say that the only time I have felt that August in Paris was less than optimal was when I saw all the empty stalls at the market. It made me kind of sad, because the atmosphere was just not the same. There were more vendors of non-food items, clearly catering to tourists, but that just gave the market a sort of “Super Target” kind of feel. I did enjoy the sparse crowd of shoppers, however.




Just across the street, the Palais Galliera, the Fashion Museum,  was all decked out in lovely shades of orange.


Wouldn't it be nice to live in that apartment building and look out over these grounds?

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in that apartment building and look out over these grounds?







If you are here before November 2, don’t miss this exhibit of gorgeous designer clothes from the Fifties. If you will not be here before then, check out many of the outfits here.



Just up the street was another fancy hotel, the Shangri-La.



This beautiful gate with flowers peeping through it was next door.



I went home for a quick lunch and then took a bus across the river to a neighborhood close to the Eiffel Tower, where I wandered aimlessly and happily.






I adore this sign.

I adore this sign.


And then I went home and took off my shoes.  The End.




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6 responses to “Still Loving Paris In August

  1. Martha

    Oh Kate, you always make me laugh – I love the way you give every thing a personality. My favorite this this is: “yes I am the Plaza Athenee, yes carrie Bradshaw stayed here, now take your peectures and move along!”

    And those orange zinnias – so bright, so happy – you made my day!

  2. Garlanda

    You are so much fun to tune in on!

  3. Martha Clay

    Next time I’m going in August! I don’t want to feel like the tourist I am.

  4. One of my favorite walks…thanks for sharing!

  5. Laurie

    Showed Michael your car pics- he loved them – more, more! He thought the gold Lamborghini a bit much even for a Lamborghini. Thanks for the Chapstick. Will tell Julie it’s from Aunt Kate. Hugs and love- Laurie

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