Window Shopping In Paris


Bonjour mes amis, and Happy Friday! I have hardly seen my husband all week and am so excited to be going to the north of France for the weekend with him and two other couples. I have just a little time to gather my photos from yesterday’s walk along the fabulous Rue Saint-Honoré and its environs. Like Avenue Montaigne, which I photograph a lot, Rue Saint-Honoré is lined with chic shops, including the flagship Hermes. I spent a lovely couple of hours late yesterday afternoon admiring the windows. Some of the photos have a glare, as the sun had not yet set, but just put on your designer sunglasses and pretend like it’s not there.

My first stop was my favorite shop on the street, Astier de Villatte, whose Paris-made ceramics are my weakness. I have a little collection going and hope to add a few more pieces, so I like to pop in frequently to see what I might want next. The shop is tiny, with a front room and a back room connected by a short hallway, but full of wonders. This is the only shop where I actually went inside, because it’s impossible for me not to.

front window

front window

yes I will come in, thank you

yes I will come in, thank you

back room

back room







Garnier Opera House

Garnier Opera House

I took a little detour to peek at the Opera House, and then went back to Rue Saint-Honoré through the Place de Vendome, which is lined with amazing jewelry shops.




Suddenly my little dish obsession seems completely harmless!


Needless to say, I couldn’t go home without checking out the windows at Hermes.





Bon Weekend, my friends! It has been wonderful sharing Paris with you this week.



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3 responses to “Window Shopping In Paris

  1. Would love to join one of your walks. The Hermes picture brought Back the memory of my only visit to Paris (2 nights, 3 days) – I actually went into Hermes and purchased a scarf – gift from the Houston group for our tour guide. The store smelled so good.

  2. Martha e

    The opera house was one of my favorite stops on my visit last fall. Over the top!

  3. Margaret

    Really enjoyed the photos! There is so much beauty in Paris, it would take a lifetime to photograph it all. Keep enjoying your walks around the City of Lights. Takes me back to when I was only a hop, skip and a quick plane ride or ferry away. Ah the days …

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