Food Tour in Saint- Germain

I have been so happy to have my good friend Laura visit me this week from Houston. And look what she brought with her!


We have had a wonderful time running around Paris in the sunshine. Early September in Paris is one hundred times nicer than in Houston, where it still feels like summer.

Wednesday we took a food tour in Saint- Germain. How could that be anything but fabulous? I had taken a food tour in Montmartre several years ago and throughly enjoyed it, so when I saw this one advertised by the same company, Paris By Mouth, I knew it was the perfect way to spend a morning with my foodie friend.

Our tour met at the famous Poilane bakery, where our guide bought bread, apple tarts, and their famous “punitions”- butter cookies. Although the shop is tiny, they were very sweet to let us come in and take pictures.



love the wheat door handles

love the wheat door handles

and the wind mill light fixture

and the wind mill light fixture

beautiful and delicious bread

beautiful and delicious bread


please to leave "le chien" outside

please to leave “le chien” outside

back room has a chandelier made of bread

back room has a chandelier made of bread

Next stop was to the shop of master chocolatier Patrick Roger, who creates chocolate sculptures as well as chocolate candies.





back to school chocolates

back to school chocolates


We sampled six different chocolates while we were there. My favorites were the Szechuan ginger and the lemon basil.

Our guide took us next to the Saint- Germain market, an old covered market. The cheese counter was owned by a woman called Twiggy who was happy to practice her English with us. Our guide bought six cheeses- two goat, two sheep, and two cow. I was crazy over one that had truffle mixed into it. Oh my gosh yum.


We also bought a little meat from a very jolly butcher.


he was quite chatty with our guide

he was quite chatty with our guide

Finally, we took all of our treats to a small wine shop, where we sat down in the back room to sample our cheese and meat with a bottle of red and a bottle of white.



Our final stop was to a relative new-comer to Paris, a shop that makes tiny cream puffs to order. The pastry is brought over several times a day from where it is made, and the cream is piped in when you order it.



I had caramel cream put into mine, but you could also order plain or chocolate cream. Or one of each- it’s Paris.

After our three and a half hour tour, we were happy and definitely didn’t need any lunch.

I highly recommend the Paris By Mouth food tours. You don’t have to be a big walker, but you do need to enjoy talking about and eating lots of delicious food in gorgeous Paris neighborhoods. Which pretty much seems like that would be anybody with a pulse, right?

A bientôt , mes amis!


Poilâne bakery at 8 rue du Cherche Midi, 75006
Patrick Roger chocolate 2-4 Place Saint Sulpice, 75006
Marché Couvert (covered market) de Saint-Germain at 4/6 rue Lobineau, 75006
La Dernière Goutte wine shop at 6 rue Bourbon le Château, 75006
La Maison de Chou pastry shop at 7 rue de Furstenberg, 75006



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8 responses to “Food Tour in Saint- Germain

  1. bohoclub

    Oh my lord, that’s yummy!

  2. Alison Bowen Lee

    Always so delighted to “live a little” through your wonderful posts, sweet Kate. I am thinking of you especially this week…be well my dear friend! And give Sissy and Momma Hall a hug and a smooch from me…xoxox.

  3. My mouth is watering as I read this post in my Global Health class…feel like Fed-Exing some chocolate to Austin?


    Kate,I’m not sure you’d remember me but I’m a friend of your sister in law Laurie, and I’d met you on one of your visits….  I’ve been following your blog and I love it!  I only wish I had followed it a little more closely!  My husband and I just got back from Paris and loved it!   I do wish I had picked your mind before I left, as it was a bit confusing at times, as far as navigating around….Karen BellSent from Xfinity Mobile App

    • Bonjour Karen! I’m glad you loved Paris, but who wouldn’t?? Yeah- navigating is always a challenge in a new city, but Paris is not too bad. Any hotel recommendations for me? People always ask….

  5. Abu

    How wonderful, Kate! Love to you and your family. Angels are watching over you💝

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