Day Trippin’

My mother and her sister had both been to Paris several times before their trip to see me in September. Because they had the luxury of staying almost two weeks, we decided to spend one day in Bruges, Belgium. I found this tour on-line, and thought it would be a fun day trip for us. And that is how we came to be out and about at the Tuileries very early one morning. We caught a large tour bus and settled in for a comfortable three-hour ride with occasional commentary by our tour guide. When we arrived in Bruges, our guide walked us around the city for a couple of hours and then gave us a few hours to explore the place on our own. Bruges is a charming little canal town with some beautiful churches and several small museums. I highly recommend it for a day trip. You can also get there from Paris by train, but I think it requires a change.












We said no merci to the boat ride





lunch! a bowl of mussels!

love the mermaid!

love the mermaid

I so wanted to purchase this little nun in the window, but the shop was fermé.

I so wanted to purchase this little nun in the window, but the shop was fermé.


Our bus pulled back into Paris by 9:00 that evening, and we went to bed tired and happy.

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