Food Tour in Saint- Martin

A quick glance at the internet reveals the myriad variations of tours available in Paris. I could take a different tour every week and each would show me something new about Paris. If you have read this blog more than once, it will not surprise you that my very favorite tours are the ones that include food and wine. Really- what could be better than Paris, food, and wine?

I have taken several food tours led by Paris By Mouth, the most recent in Saint- Germain. When planning for my mom’s visit I came across this Localer’s food tour in the canal neighborhood of Paris. I had never taken a Localer’s tour and was happy to try out a new company in a neighborhood that I don’t frequent enough.

Our first stop was to the Marché Couvert Saint-Martin, the large covered market located in the 10th arr. since 1859! The cheese, meat, flower and spice offerings looked great. There was even a popular restaurant located inside the market. Au Comptoir de Brice serves up food cooked by a (French) Top Chef finalist!

Next we went to a cheese shop that was almost too cute to be true.









In addition to all these gorgeous cheeses, the shop also sold delicious charcuterie, which is what we sampled before going back outside.


What comes after cheese? Bread, of course! Our tour guide led us to a shop that I had actually discovered on my own, but had not visited in much too long.



The shop, Du Pain Et Des Idees,  displayed its wares on these gorgeous pottery trays.


Our final stop was a wonderful wine and cheese shop called La Vache Dans Les Vignes, which means “the cow in the vines”. The name comes from the happy combination of the two owners, one a cheese maker and one a caviste!

We happily took our seats at a long table in the shop and listened to the two men talk to us about the wine and cheese pairings they served us.




I was glad that my mom and my aunt were able to spend a few hours in the neighborhood of the Canal Saint- Martin, so picturesque and so very different from other parts of the city.





The sun was casting long shadows over the Place de la République as we walked back to our metro.




Three hours of walking around this quirky neighborhood in Paris, eating delicious bread, cheese, sweets, meats, and wine, was the perfect ending to our day.


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2 responses to “Food Tour in Saint- Martin

  1. Rita Hendrix

    Delightful!! Thank you!!! No one could be Enjoying Paris more!!! Pics with that Parisian special light brings back Wonderful times of my days in the streets Of Pareee 😍😍



    Now I have to go back to the 10th at !!

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  2. Margaret

    The man (or woman as the case may be) who is bored of Paris is definitely bored of life itself. Ain’t that the truth!. What gorgeous pics! Makes me want to go back there more than ever. Isn’t their culture of good food and fabulous displays an absolute delight? As many foodie shows as Americans consume we really don’t live the good food culture like the Europeans. They consume it with every one of their five senses. Magnifique!

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