Looking In And Out Of Windows

I have been on the couch all week with a bug, which has left me plenty of time to look out my window and contemplate life. And cough.

Sunday night my window offered this view


Just a few short minutes ago, my window looked like this.


It rarely snows in Paris, and this snow didn’t stick, but was fun to watch fall.

The Louis Vuitton windows on Ave. Montaigne look like this






Ever sweet Bonpoint offered this glimpse of springtime and butterflies.



I’m not so sure about these Chanel windows. Do we really want to go back to the days of leg warmers?



And in closing, these flowers in the window of a fancy florist would brighten any sick room.


Enjoy the view from your windows today, mes amis.



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4 responses to “Looking In And Out Of Windows

  1. Martha

    Oh no, did you have a rhume and had to stay in your room {sorry, couldn’t resist the classic Pink Panther inspector
    Clouseau joke} – hope you’re feeling better soon!

  2. I do enjoy reading your blog but don’t always comment. I visit Paris often and your pictures are a little reminder while I’m away. Two years ago I visited Paris for my regular January retreat and it was the first time I ever saw real snow, white fluffy snow that stuck for several inches in Paris. It brought the airport to a standstill but it was magical.

    Thanks for all your good work.
    Love Denise.

  3. PS hope you are better soon. My hubby has just recovered from the cold and cough he got in Paris two weeks ago!.

  4. Laurie Mai

    Please get better soon, Kate! Thank you for brightening my day-I always thoroughly enjoy your blogđź’ť

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