I’m Back On The Streets

Hellllooooo! I feel as though I have been away from this space for a very long time. Between a lingering illness and five days of travel, many parts of my life have suffered neglect. But I am finally feeling better and am ready to return to the streets and to the blogosphere. Is anyone still out there there there there????

Even though I knew I was well on the road to recovery, Mark insisted I go to the doctor this afternoon- my first time to visit a French doctor since we began this Paris chapter. After giving the receptionist a few bits of vital information (but nothing like the pages of questions on the clipboard at home) I was ushered into a small waiting room. The room was about the size of a typical American examining room and comfortably seated eight people. Instead of magazines there were coffee table art books, and instead of a TV there was classical music. Ahhhh- these Frenchies are so civilized. Is there anything worse than being trapped in a doctor’s waiting room with a television on? Like home, however, I did have to wait for over thirty minutes before being called into the doctor’s office. I hadn’t brought a book because I planned to catch up on emails, not realizing that there would be no cell service in the room. I was forced to close my eyes and enjoy the music until they called my name at last.The doctor met me at his desk and typed up my answers to  questions about my health and symptoms. There was an examining table in his office, and after the exam he opined that I probably had been sick with walking pneumonia, but was no longer sick enough to need antibiotics. He handed me an invoice and I paid the receptionist and left. It had been painless and quicker than the usual visit at home. Plus, I had this at the end of the street.


And after my appointment I treated myself to a chocolat chaud.


So the hour was not a total waste.

This morning I returned to the fun concept store, Merci . When I had taken Martha’s friends there, we were disappointed to find that it was in between installations, and I was hoping to see the newest incarnation today. However, it was still a work in progress.IMG_1916_2

Here is what it looks like so far.




I am intrigued. Something with textiles, clearly, and lots of spools. I will put it on my list to return next month and show you the finished product, which I’m sure will be cool.

As always, lots of things caught my eye.

I wondered if either man in my life was fashion forward enough to rock these quilted shoes. Then I looked at the price and decided that the answer was no.


These stone letters were cool.

IMG_1903_2This way- cool electric bicycle caught my eye. It will be available in March for 4500 euros.


The linen at Merci always beckons to me.


aprons. Yes please.

aprons. Yes please.


These dishes are amazing.


Loved this little fringey bag.


And this linen dress just has me written all over it.


and throw in the cute little pouch, too, please

So that was pretty much my Monday. Oh yeah- there’s this! Cauliflower Parmesan for dinner, thanks to Melissa Clark.  I can already tell you that it’s going to be tasty.



Ah- it’s good to be back!



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9 responses to “I’m Back On The Streets

  1. Dolly

    How about a recipe for the cauliflower? It looks delish! Glad you are feeling better and are out and about.


  2. Would you please turn over the price tag on the linen dress?

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  3. Laurie

    Glad you’re feeling better in time for your bday!

  4. Henri

    Your loyal audience is still here. Glad you are feeling better.

  5. Martha

    Yay! – I was missing your posts! Beaucoup de bises!! WOW, That’s a lot of exclamation marks – just so happy you’re back in bloglandia …

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