Fresh Eyes On Paris

My mom has returned to visit and this time she brought my niece, who is fifteen years old and making her first trip out of the country. It has been such fun seeing Paris through her eyes. I hope she never forgets this trip with her grandmother and her aunt and uncle. I am already planning to visit her when she does her junior semester here in six or so years!

The day they arrived we walked down to the Grand Palais to see if there were any interesting “fashion types” entering the building for the Shiatzy Chen fashion show.



Yep, there were a few.

The next day we spent the morning close to home, shopping at the Wilson market, and enjoying the fashion museum and the Museum of Modern Art. The fashion museum is featuring the French designer Lanvin in a new exhibit that is absolutely wonderful. Don’t miss it if you are in the neighborhood.

I can't resist taking pictures of these gorgeous color blasts.

I can’t resist taking pictures of these gorgeous Delaunay color blasts at the Modern Art Museum.


Can you see the river sparkling out there?


In addition to a stellar collection of art, the Paris Museum of Modern Art also boasts a pretty fabulous view of the Eiffel Tower.



That afternoon the sky was so blue that we had no choice but to walk around Montmartre.


my mama and my niece

my mama and my niece







We were pretty tired at the end of the day, but not too tired to take a bus five stops to Le Bon Georges, where we were greeted warmly and fed a tasty meal, indeed.



melt in your mouth sole meuniere

melt in your mouth sole meuniere

And then we went home and fell into bed.

The End.




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5 responses to “Fresh Eyes On Paris

  1. Rita Hendrix

    Kate. You are amazing! As always Fabulous pictures! I want to go To LE Bon Georges for that amazing Sole’. Your niece has an au courant Style☺️ the photo from Musee de Art Modern should be blown up 6′ tall Framed and hung… Better still sold in a Galerie en PAris!! REALLY.

    We met with Susan and her Mom a couple Of yrs ago at La Madeleine 😍😍

    Thank you for Sharing your talents!!

    A bientot

    Rita Sent from my iPhone


  2. Trisha Mohle


    In what part of Paris is this precious restaurant located?

  3. Martha

    I had to zoom in on that second picture to see if that guy’s nose was really that big – too funny! Loved the windmill picture!

  4. Laurie Mai

    Ahhhhh! So happy for all of you-your momma and niece look terrific. Once again, while reading your blog and sipping my morning coffee I was gently taken away without even leaving my chair! Just loved it! Can’t wait til April😘~Abu

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