Our Beloved Paris

Like all of you, we are devastated by the senseless brutality and bloodshed in Paris last night. It seems the lunatics who are ripping apart  the fabric of Europe will stop at nothing. How will we ever end this nightmare of terror? How can this be happening in a civilized world?

As my heart aches for the grief that has descended upon so many in Paris this morning, I look for some comfort in my memories of brighter days in that beautiful city. I always knew I would seek comfort from those memories in times of sadness, though I didn’t anticipate those days would arrive so soon after our departure. Life is so fragile. It is also full of questions that cannot be answered, and evil that cannot be foreseen or even fathomed, bound up tightly with beauty and miracles and grace that are equally mysterious. Let us try today to focus on the latter as best we can, so that we can face tomorrow with hope.


















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11 responses to “Our Beloved Paris

  1. Susie Mackenzie

    Kate – said so beautifully and complimented with your lovely pictures of an incomparable city. My thoughts go out to all our Parisian friends and the French people as a whole.

  2. Beautifully written!! you are truly talented

  3. Susan melton


  4. Alison Lee

    Thank you dear Kate! Of course my thoughts went quickly to you last night as the breadth of the horror revealed itself…wondering if you knew the venues involved, deep relief that you were not in the city, etc. Any insights you can share are greatly appreciated. Much love, always!

  5. Martha Moore

    Such sadness for our beautiful Paris…city hall in SFO was bleu blanc rouge last night — now I know why … Gros bisous


  6. Laurie Mai

    Thank you, Kate. It’s so much to take in. I took solace in your beautiful pictures. Love you all.

  7. ritahendrix@sbcglobal.net

    Sooo special!! MERCIE

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