Springtime in Paris

Bonjour y’all! Who doesn’t love April? NO ONE. That’s who. Here in Austin the  jasmine is in full flush and wildly redolent (all except the jasmine on my fence at the lake, which was burnt by the freezes and looks really skimpy and sad). Iris are still standing proud and roses have loved the recent rain and are showing off bigly.

My Paris-heavy Instagram feed has reminded me how much I loved springtime in Paris when I lived there. Of course, spring in Paris was well-earned and frequently took its sweet time getting there, making it even more of a celebrity than it is here. Hooray for spring everywhere, whenever it chooses to arrive.

I think we all deserve a little Paris this morning, so I gathered some of my favorite pictures of Paris pink, a color that embellishes Paris in springtime like pink frosting on an elegant confection. Enjoy.












Have a good week, my friends.


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5 responses to “Springtime in Paris

  1. Martha Moore

    Oh those two sweet little pink angels – they are adorable! Oh and I’ll take a couple of bunches of those ranunculus, svp!

  2. Martha Clay

    Reminds me i need a pink purse!!

  3. Susie Mackenzie

    Needed this. Still cold in Chicago. Only the forsythia has bloomed.

  4. Alison Lee

    We get some really ‘good sky’ here in San Diego…but that pink sky is awesome! Thanks for brightening my day, sweet girl.

  5. Julie Little

    I love pink!!

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