Paris Windows

Anyone who has lurked around this blog for any length of time knows that I love the windows of Louis Vuitton.  And really, who doesn’t?  One of my favorites was the “circus” series, which I shared here. They were over the top and just, well, fantastic.  On the other end of the glitz spectrum were the “apartment”  windows, which were up early in the fall.  I totally loved them. Despite being  simple and plain, they really captured my imagination.  Whose apartment? What would she do there?  Can I go in, too?




IMG_3525At the same time and right next door, Dior was sporting some pretty fab windows of its own.






Time to go get dressed for the day.  Will it be my LV or my Dior on this rainy Monday morning?  If you said it would be my old and faded work-out clothes from Academy, you are correct!

Happy Monday, mes amis, and whatever you are doing today, I know you will look fabulous!


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3 responses to “Paris Windows

  1. Martha

    don’t you love that wallpaper in the LV apartments? i do!

  2. Martha Clay

    I’ll take the fuzzy LV for Christmas, please!

  3. I like the wallpaper, not to keen on the colour of the doors! ..and if anybody asks, I would like that very small handbag for Christmas please. I have been very good!

    I love to walk along Ave Montaigne and look at the windows, as good as any art gallery for me!

    Love Denise

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