Got kids?

This week I find myself wondering if I am in Paris or Houston- the weather feels the same! It’s mild, of course, compared with much of the rest of the U.S., and I feel for all of you getting slammed with ice and snow and kids at home.

Speaking of kids—

When I was walking to Merci the other day I almost blew right by a nondescript building until the colorful windows encouraged me to investigate. I found myself at the most stylish children’s store ever, the Paris flagship store of Bonton. Bonton is  owned by the same family that gave us Bonpoint, (whose precious windows I have frequently shared with you) and the aforementioned Merci. Like Merci, Bonton is a concept store that seems to have endless space, all of it magical with light, style and whimsy. In addition to the cutest clothes you have ever seen, Bonton also sells home linens, toys and books, party goods, and even some furniture- all geared toward the little people in our lives. Shall we take a spin through the store?



Like Merci, great light fixtures

Got a newborn on your list? These little knit numbers would look darling, even with the spit-up and other bodily fluids they are bound to collect. Could you throw them in the wash with all the other baby laundry? I would be so so afraid.





So this is why French women have that innate ability to wear a scarf- they have been doing it since they were toddlers. I don’t know about your kids, but my daughters would have ripped off that scarf in about five minutes. It would then have been repurposed as a dog leash or an arm sling or a blind fold. We were not really into accessories at our house (and sometimes “accessories” included underwear).


but seriously- is that not the cutest?


Does this come in Big Mama size?

I love the large numbers on the walls indicating size. But thank goodness that has never caught on for adult clothing stores.


Gee- you would think they have never seen anyone take photos from atop the taxidermy or something.








And what children’s boutique would be worth its salt without a nail polish vending machine? It made some claim of being intended for kids, but I am not sure what that means. It looks good on furniture and clothes and your favorite rug? It’s potable? Spill-proof bottle? It shall remain one of those French mysteries.



SO if you have children and plenty of change, you may want to check out this delightful store before you move on down the street to Merci. If you do, would you pick me up a bottle of #18? Maybe I could do a better job on my nails if I used a “big brush” with “application facile”. Or maybe I”ll just ask a child to do it for me.

See y’all around!




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4 responses to “Got kids?

  1. Martha Clay

    I love those painted herringbone floors! And funny that all the words on their goods are in English!

  2. Natalie

    Children’s scarves? Never even thought of it. Probably considered a choking risk here. Could be reported to CPS for wrapping a scarf around a child. 🙂 Cute store!

  3. I would feel much better if you would just admit that you were tempted (at least a little bit) to mess up that very neatly organized merchandise.

  4. Abu

    Love your writing style, Kate! I read this with my morning coffee and it just put me in such a good mood💝

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